National Advertising

Zillow's national advertising opportunities offer an uncluttered, targeted experience

Premium, High-Impact Placements

Your advertising stands out on Zillow

  • Uncluttered environment and limited number of ads per page
  • IAB (Interactive Ad Bureau) standard ad units supported
  • Wide range of innovative rich media placements available
Targeted Delivery

Our patent-pending, cutting-edge targeting solutions allow you to reach your core audience. Advanced consumer targeting opportunities include:

Home ownership

  • Stable homeowners
  • Pre-market sellers
  • Active sellers
  • Pending sellers
  • Recent movers
  • Active buyers
  • Home renovators

Home facts

  • Zestimate® home value
  • Property lot size
  • For sale value
  • Psychographic clusters
  • Address specific

Additional targets

  • Retirees
  • Spanish-speaking
  • Self-employed
  • Day/time/geography
  • Agent/professional
  • Second-home owners


  • Mortgage lender
  • Loan-to-value
  • Loan type
  • Originating loan year
  • Due date of loan

Want to learn more? Contact a sales representative today


Want to learn more? Contact a sales representative today


Zillow Audience
Monthly unique users(1)
(as of January 2014)
70 million
Year-over-year growth 52%
Median household income(2) $76,161
Median age(2) 46
Zillow Attracts Buyers
Zillow consumers' average credit score (very good rating)(3) 722
Zillow's click conversion compared to Google(4) 3.4x better
Home buyers who visit Zillow(5) 55%
Zillow users who are "in the market" - buying, selling, helping others buy/sell or planning to rent(6) 75%
Zillow visitors actively seeking a loan in the next 3 months(7) 3.8 million
Little audience overlap(8)
AOL real estate 3%
MSN Real Estate 5%
Yahoo! Real Estate 7% 26% 17%

Sources: (1) Internal tracking via Google Analytics, January 2014. (2) comScore Plan Metrix Site Audience Profile, January 2013. (3) Zillow users who submitted loan requests on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace during March 2011. (4) Independent study conducted by the WAV group. (5) California Association of Realtors study 2008. (6) Zillow site survey, November 2013. (7) Zillow internal, February 2013. (8) comScore Plan Metrix Cross Visiting, April 2011.

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