Zillow Rich Media Specifications

Banner Size File Size Expanded Expanded Size
728x90 pixels 40K 728x270 70K (polite load)
300x250 pixels 40K 500x250 70K (polite load)
160x600 pixels 40K 400x600 70K (polite load)
160x60 pixels 30K 300x250 70K (polite load)
Total Max Animation Time: 15 seconds

Audio/Video: Accepted

  • 728x90 expands up only
  • 300x250 expands down and to the left
  • 160x600 expands down and to the right
  • Method of expansion and collapse must be the same (mouse-over or click)
User-Initiated Expandable Banner

Expansion Guidelines

  • Controls: Mandatory "Close" button in top right corner.
  • Expansion "hotspots" should be marked with appropriate call to action (mouse-over or click).
Lead Times

Rich media creatives must be submitted for quality assurance (QA) five (5) business days prior to campaign launch.

Approved Third-Party Vendors

Atlas, Bridgetrack, DART, Eyeblaster, EyeWonder, Interpolls, Mediaplex, Pointroll, Zedo

Flash Guidelines

SWF File Requirements:

  • Flash versions: Up through Flash 10
  • Frame rate: Must be no more than 18fps (ideal fps is between 12-18)
  • File size: Cannot exceed 40K
  • Animation: 15 seconds maximum (including any strobing elements)
  • Backup GIF (30K maximum) must be submitted

Creative MUST contain an invisible button that covers the entire ad unit that contains the action script:

on (release) { if (clickTag.substr(0,4) == "http") { getURL(clickTag, "_blank"); }}

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