Zillow Premier Agent Testimonials

Agents across the country are getting new buyers and sellers through Zillow's Premier Agent program. Here is what just a few agents are saying:

Zillow Premier Agent Testimonials

  • The Zillow Premier Program is the best investment I have ever made in my real estate career! I started getting leads within 24 hours of going live. Within four months, I have written over 20 contracts – 17 came from Zillow. Within the four months I have used Zillow, I have built a great pipeline of buyers and have listed three homes directly from Zillow leads. I owe my success to Zillow and highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to quickly grow their business and get their brand known!

    Keller Williams, Louisville, KY
  • I have received strong leads. I have, so far, closed four homes, and I am currently working with three additional buyers obtained through Zillow. I began advertising in September. Zillow is fabulous and I love my rep. She is always there when I have a question!

    Keller Williams, Lavista, NE
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Zillow website - almost as much as I love my Zillow leads! Thank you for such great products and making them user friendly. I gave up my Active Rain account as your blog is 100x easier to use! Now I just need to start blogging more!!!

    Keller Williams, Boise, ID
  • The Premier program at Zillow.com has been very beneficial to our business. We have used many online lead generation programs and Zillow.com Premier is our favorite for a few reasons. 1. Customer Service- our rep is awesome 2. Exclusivity- you can buy 100% of a zip code and lock it up so you are not competing with other agents 3. The leads we get from Zillow have been from serious buyers and sellers-most of our Zillow leads turn into clients

    Keller Williams, Hanford, CA
  • My old company was taking leads from us from Zillow as they were featured as the listing agent and the main number. Now that I moved to Keller Williams and gained control of my leads by becoming a Premier agent I have received approx. 5 great leads that are in the process of buying or are in escrow in the past 60 days. Worth every penny. Thank you Zillow.

    Keller Williams Real Estate, Truckee, CA
  • Having Zillow is what newspaper advertising used to be. Buyers and sellers are now internet driven. If you want results you also have to be there with them!

    Keller Williams Realty, Long Beach, CA
  • We have received some excellent leads since joining the program. Simply put, it works! In this Market we are only putting the tools in our tool bag that make a difference.

    Keller Williams, Corona, CA
  • I Love Zillow! Zillow accounts for about 1/2 of my leads, and 6 of my 22 closed sales so far this year came from Zillow.

    Keller Williams Realty, Roseville, CA
  • I have been very pleased with the results that I have received from Zillow.com. My contact at Zillow is very helpful and returns my calls very quickly. I have been a premier agent with Zillow for the past 3 months. From the leads that I have received from Zillow, I have sold 1 home, I have listed 2 homes and I am showing multiple buyers homes. Zillow has really launched my business in a great direction.

    Keller Williams Realty, Fort Worth, TX
  • We are getting more leads than we actually thought we would. Out of all our lead-generation tools, Zillow has given us the highest percentage of good buyers that have made it to the closing table. We are very pleased with the program.

    The Zoller Group - Keller Williams, Houston, TX
  • So far I have been very pleased with Zillow. Within the first month I received a lead which led to a listing!

    Keller Williams Legacy Partners, Shawnee, KS
  • I have been a Zillow Premier Agent for just 2 months and have already closed 2 buyers. I am currently working with 7 other buyers that are going to be buying in the next 3 months. This has been the first lead source that actually provides REAL leads.

    Keller Williams, Carmel, IN
  • After signing up with Zillow our incoming internet leads went from 4 or 5 leads a week to over 30! The best part is the leads come from other agent listings in addition to our own! Another cool feature is Zillow reviews, our leads come in from that all of the time too. Not just buyer leads but also sellers!

    Keller Williams Realty, Plymouth, MI
  • Within three short months, I have taken several listings, written two contracts with great buyers, and developed a working relationship with a short-sale mitigation company all because of my profile on Zillow. I have several other client relationships that I am cultivating as well that I expect will lead to even more business.

    Keller Williams Realty, New Orleans, LA
  • Within one month of becoming a Zillow Premier agent, I had my first closing with an investor client who found me on Zillow! The program paid for itself very quickly. I have gotten tons of leads and am working on my second closing already.

    Keller Williams, Stockbridge, GA
  • I have received numerous contacts from buyers since I have been a Premier Zillow Agent. Some of the contacts are just inquiries, but my first sale came within three months of advertising on Zillow. I have made contacts with buyers for as little as $100,000 and up to $1.45 million, and successfully closed several houses through these leads.

    Keller Williams Realty, Longmeadow, MA
  • I am very pleased with the number of leads I am getting from Zillow. Zillow does a great job with lead capture, meaning buyers are real, with names, emails and phone numbers that work ... "priceless!"

    Keller Williams Realty, Horseheads, NY