Zillow Premier Agent Testimonials

Agents across the country are getting new buyers and sellers through Zillow's Premier Agent program. Here is what just a few agents are saying:

Zillow Premier Agent Testimonials

  • I was a little hesitant about joining Zillow. But little did I know the results I would get. Hands down Zillow is the best. I receive at least one lead a day. Never did I dream any form of advertising would be this good. I have received calls from other counties inquiring on property here is SD. I would never have that kind of exposure without being a Zillow Premier Agent.

    Properties-Unlimited Realty LLC, Sturgis, SD
  • Instead of building an IDX website and spending a ton of money on maintenance and SEO and to drive traffic to it and get leads, I just advertise on Zillow and get better results without all that hassle. I’ve advertised with all the other home sites out there and Zillow is by far the best. Their leads are much superior. Zillow has been instrumental to the growth of my business.

    W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors, Washington, DC
  • Advertising with Zillow was the best marketing decision I have made for my company. My rep goes above and beyond to ensure my dollars are maximized with Zillow. In the first two weeks, I have signed one buyer, two listings and have several more buyers I am working. I have seen more results than I could have hoped & it has just begun. My team at Zillow has helped me every step of the way so far & I feel like they truly care about my business.

    North Georgia Lakeside Realty, Dahlonega, GA
  • We have been working with Zillow about a year now and the longer we have been working with them the better our leads have gotten. When we first started, we were not getting the response we had hoped for until our rep called us and encouraged us to get our clients to fill out testimonials which we immediately started doing. Since that time our response has improved drastically. The five-star client testimonials speak volumes to buyers and sellers when they are looking for a good, honest and reputable agent online! The thing that I like most about Zillow leads is that the buyers & sellers are contacting us reaching out for help, so it is not like when you call website leads where you face constant rejection. These buyers & sellers are happy to talk to you – AWESOME! Just today I received a call from a man who had a property to sell. I asked him where he found us and he told me that his daughter did some research and she picked us because of our five-star reviews! Monday I will be listing not one but three homes he wants to sell!

    Dar Walden Team, Anchorage, AK
  • I can confidently sit here today and say that without Zillow's vital contribution to my lead portfolio, I would not have achieved the level of real estate success that I enjoy today. Zillow has not only been a lead generator for myself and my company, but also has been instrumental in my growth as an agent, business owner and entrepreneur. My company is now in the driver's seat on route to becoming one of the most competitive lead-generating boutique firms in the country, thanks to Zillow. To date since starting with Zillow in July 2011, our company has sold over $150,000,000 in sales and counting!

    A-K Real Estate, Inc, Washington, DC
  • Zillow has helped to increase my business exponentially over the last three months. Many first-time home buyers are using Zillow to find homes and educate themselves on the home-buying process. This makes my job so much easier and even more fun when I help them find the perfect fit! Thanks, Zillow!

    Cameron Bell Properties, Gulfport, MS
  • At first I was skeptical of Zillow and whether my money was going to pay off, but in three months, I have received many leads through my account. They may not all be serious right away, but I keep in touch and have found that after month or two, I can get them under contract. If you follow up ASAP and show you are knowledgeable and eager to help, you can get leads to the closing table.

    Fidelis Realty, Gulfport, MS
  • Zillow's Premier Agent program has been an integral part of launching my business and getting exposure as a real estate agent. I got my first lead within 24 hours, and it led to my first closing a month later! The leads that I get from Zillow have been from qualified buyers who are actively looking for property!! My Zillow sales representative is very friendly and helpful -- we have a close professional business relationship -- and he is always there to help me with all of my advertising needs. I highly recommend Zillow to any and all agents whether they are just starting out or looking to expand their business.

    High Country Realty, Rock Springs, WY
  • I have been a premier agent for only three weeks and my business has doubled. I have four deals in the works, two with close-of-escrow dates already, and over 10 new customers that may need my help in the near future. I have been an agent for over two years, and if all four of my current deals close, this will be my best month ever! And, it is only June 5. I have 25 days left in the month to work more deals for my clients.

    American Allstar Realty, Mesa, AZ
  • A great program. It's my number one lead generator. I have two more contracts to close; one is $950,000, a mega-sale transaction. Thank you, Zillow.

    Connestee Falls Realty Company, Brevard, NC
  • As a new agent, I wished to jump-start my new career. I'd done my research and knew that creating an online presence would be key to that. Little did I know that signing with Zillow was not just a jump- start, but I was headed for hyper-drive! My career went from zero to 60 in a heartbeat. My very first showing was a Zillow lead. I walked out of that house with a contract! And, I haven't slowed down since. My broker says I make it look too easy, but it's not me; it's my Zillow leads program that makes it easy.

    Ender & Associates Realty, Mineral Wells, TX
  • The Zillow Premier Agent program is fast becoming a vital tool for my business. It's more than a lead-generation vehicle. My sales representative follows up frequently to get feedback and give advice. With all these tools at your disposal, it can all seem like a blur. But, Zillow provides a person who spends time walking through everything and breaks down each part of the site, agent dashboard, and developing and customizing your personal website. Wow! Well worth the investment!

    John Greene, Realtor, Naperville, IL
  • I was a very successful agent prior to being a part of Zillow's Premier program. Since then, my business has nearly doubled. Most leads are ready to buy or sell, and are not just calling for information. Since starting, I've added two additional ZIP codes already!

    Weichert,Realtors, Allentown, PA
  • Let me start by saying Zillow has been the best investment of my advertising dollars ever. With Zillow, I have a constant flow of leads, and when I have any questions, the Zillow staff is there to answer them. They are always courteous and always try to help you with advice on how to maximize your leads. Zillow has a customer for life!

    Colonial Real Estate, Whittier, CA
  • Zillow has provided me with a new avenue in my business. I enjoy how leads come in via email but also directly to my phone via text, so I can call them immediately. The best part is the quality of leads, which has been much better than other marketing websites I have paid for in the past. I am now in more ZIP codes and spending more marketing dollars per month due to my success. Thank you, Zillow!

    Dwellings Realty Group, Scottsdale, AZ
  • The best return on investment yet! We sold our first client within a week of signing up!

    Woodstone Realty, Louisville, KY
  • I have been dreading the work of getting a site set-up, but with Zillow it was so easy, plus I can customize it, change it and add to it all the time!

    Sun Coast Real Estate, Santa Barbara, CA
  • I think your program is incredible. I looked at designing my own website for over a year, thought about contracting a company to do it, researched tons of templates. When I found the ad for your website, I thought how incredible it was that I felt it was made just for me.

    Elias & Associates Realty, Austin, TX
  • Zillow has been my best source of buyer leads in a long time. I'm on many other sites but none compare in the number of leads that Zillow is producing. Also the Quality of the leads and the way they are delivered allows me to get with the buyer quickly. I have been Using Zillow for over a year and have been averaging a closing a month as a direct result from Zillow.

    ProFlex Realty, Midlothian, VA
  • Zillow has been the best boost in my real estate career. I receive potential clients daily via email or phone. I'm currently assisting 17 buyers, all from Zillow. The text notifications and emails are extremely helpful. Being a Zillow Premier Agent has been and continues to be a valuable source for client outreach and inve$tment.

    Taylor Properties, Annapolis, MD
  • Really works well. Buyers and sellers seem to be more serious that other web sites.

    Execuhome Realty, Bel Air, MD
  • I signed up for Zillow approximately 2 months ago. There has not been a week that went by that I didn't receive a good qualified prospect. We plan to continue and enhance our presence on the website.

    Valley Real Estate Brokers, LLC, Lexington, VA
  • The Zillow Premiere Program is by far the best online lead generation tool out there. We have subscribed to many different programs, but none has brought returns that are even close to Zillow's. In the first 3 quarters of 2011, we have closed 12 transactions from Zillow leads - resulting in appx $188,150 GCI and a 945% ROI! We receive an average of 70 leads per month and we've also started to win listing appointments directly tied to our presence on Zillow. We absolutely love Zillow and highly recommend it to anyone who is ready for a dramatic boost to their business!

    Eng Garcia Properties, Washington, DC
  • I recently began using the Zillow Premier program and I've got to say that I'm delighted with the results. I'm working with at least four buyers and just wrote an offer on a home with one of them. The key is in the response time to the buyer. If you're getting back to them right away with answers to their inquiries, they immediately feel comfortable that you'll be able to help them with their property search.

    Assist-2-Sell, Gaithersburg, MD
  • I have been a salesperson in the Real Estate/ Mortgage industry for 10 years, during which time, I have used various forms of marketing. It has almost been a year since I joined Zillow's Premier Agent Program and I can easily say that it is the most successful marketing relationship that I have had. I receive high quality leads from Zillow that account for over 50% of my business.

    Cobalt Real Estate, Granite Bay, CA
  • Zillow is a great tool for leads. Ever since I joined, I have gotten a lot of leads. Since this business is about the numbers, I know that I am closer to transforming some of those leads into closed transactions. I am really glad I joined Zillow. It has been the best tool I have used so far.

    Tarbell Realtors, Riverside, CA
  • I had very good results in last 6 months! Got a lot of leads and now I have 20 active buyers who I am working with right now. My rep. Tyler Simmons is excellent, very helpful, always available! I recommended Zillow to a lot of my friends/agents!

    Troop Real Estate, Inc., Simi Valley, CA
  • I am receiving at least 3-4 viable leads a week through Zillow and it has already more than paid for itself this year!

    Oakland-Piedmont, Oakland, CA
  • In my first 4 months of being a Premier agent on Zillow I closed 2 buyer controlled sales from clients that found me through Zillow. The commissions covered my 6 month cost of the program and then some. Both clients told me that they read the reviews that previous clients had written for me and that helped them choose to work with me. I recommend the Premier Agent program!

    Real Living Real Estate Professional, Redding, CA
  • The Premier Agent program has been a tremendous asset to me and my business. It's worldwide visibility has brought customers from around the world! I would recommend the program to any of my colleagues!

    Shear Associates, Lake, CA
  • I have received a call or email from a new client at least once a week while in the Premier program!!!! Thanks Zillow

    People's Choice Brokers, Chico, CA
  • Zillow has provided me with a great marketing tool and gives me additional exposure. I truly have enjoyed working with their sales staff and finding ways to increase my business.

    Sleeping Giant Sotheby's International, Lihue, HI
  • Great program. It has brought on an average of two new contacts per week to my office.

    Big River Realty, Mendocino, CA
  • I am simply amazed at how well the program works with Zillow. With the closings I've had so far this year, it's paid for many more years (or even decades) to come.

    Smart Realtors, Richland, WA
  • Like a permanent referral, client reviews are the best and most efficient way to gain a prospective client's trust immediately. I highly recommend this program!

    Premier Realty Associates, Seal Beach, CA
  • We have received many interested and motivated leads through the Premier Program, thank you Zillow!

    Yager Realty, Fresno, CA
  • Zillow is a powerful tool and is now an integral part of my listing presentation. It is also a good source of leads and leads that turn in to closed business.

    3Leaf Realty, inc., Manhattan Beach, CA
  • I had been thinking about trying Zillow's Premier agent program for a while. I finally decided to try it out with two zip codes in my area to see what king of results I would get. To my surprise I had two leads in the first week, one of which I was able to turn into a client. We are scheduled to close on his home this Friday. I have been receiving a pretty steady flow of leads ever since. I decided to step up my Zillow presence and I now own 5 zip codes in the Premier program. When my first transaction closes this Friday it will pay for all of my zip codes thus far and any other business I do for the remainder of the year will be 100% profit. I am glad I decided to try Zillow's Premier Agent Program!

    Mal & Seitz Real Estate, Gresham, OR
  • Having worked in marketing and lead buying in real estate for years, we find the Zillow platform to be undoubtedly the strongest online presence an agent will get. The exposure obtained online per the cost basis has the least expensive and best ROI I've found to date. Our real estate team has obtained five transactions and clients within our first 45 days of online presence.

    {re}defined - Real Estate, San Diego, CA
  • I've been advertising on Zillow for more than a year (in fact, I just renewed my ZIPs - I have 3 of them), and I receive leads every day. The thing is you want your clients to say that they see you everywhere online. You can't look for a home in my preferred ZIPs without running into me, and Zillow is a big part of that exposure.

    Lyon Real Estate, Sacramento, CA
  • Premier program has kept my phone ringing! It is a great way to brand yourself to the community and future home buyers. I went from a couple phone calls a week to several phone calls per day. Zillow program works.

    Capital Real Estate Group, Bakersfield, CA
  • I love Zillow. I have more buyers than I know what to do with. I am closing 3-4 deals a month from Zillow. It seems 50% of my leads turn into real buyers!!! I truly believe that 90%+ of serious buyers search the internet first.

    Smart Works Real Estate, Murrieta, CA
  • Quality over quantity - that's the type of client that I get from Zillow as compared with other services that I've used. It does take a bit of time, so you have to be patient....

    The Force Realty, Seattle, WA
  • The Zillow Premier program has been AMAZING for my business. As a new agent, it's a great way to get your name out there. I closed my first transaction within two months of signing up for Zillow's Premier program. Mike S. is an asset to your company!

    Primary Properties, Honolulu, HI
  • Not a day goes by that I do not receive either an email lead or a phone call from a buyer or seller on Zillow. Just closed one yesterday for a $17,000 commission.

    First Team Real Estate, Anaheim Hills, CA
  • When I present to listing clients they are very pleased that I use Zillow and Yahoo rather than just MLS and John L. Scott. I also send my clients the weekly reports you send me and find it a useful tool for showing them how much activity they get.

    John L. Scott Port Townsent, Townsend, WA
  • Zillow is an incredible asset to our business. As a powerful and primary search portal for buyers in our marketplace, Zillow delivers extremely hot leads on a regular basis, resulting in sales that are a reliable source for our revenue stream. I consistently recommend Zillow to fellow agents in my office.

    The Steller Group, Greenwood Village, CO
  • I've been successful in turning my Zillow leads into buyers. Right now with many people holding off listing their homes, but plenty of buyers out there....I've been very busy.

    Metro Brokers, Moser Real Estate Gr, Westminster, CO
  • I have had great success with Zillow so far. I do not win or take every listing or buyer appointment I have received from Zillow but after only a couple of months I have closed 2 transactions and listed 1 home. Not bad for 2 months!

    Innovative Real Estate Group, Greenwood Village, CO
  • Zillow is a wonderful marketing tool. They have thought of everything from not only marketing "myself" and my properties to prospective clients to clients' ratings. The clients rating system/testimonials is a fantastic idea and has brought me much business. In addition, it allows end users to make educated decisions prior to contacting a real estate professional. Keep up the good work. I can only hope that Zillow will incorporate these tools into Yahoo.... Love the Q & A section ....

    Metro Brokers of Cherry Creek, Denver, CO
  • Zillow is well recognized, by the public, as the place to go for all their real estate needs. Having a premier position, for my area, has given me excellent exposure. I receive a more committed prospect for either selling a home or buying.

    Bray Real Estate, Grand Junction, CO
  • The amount of leads that I'm receiving on a weekly basis is wonderful. I've gotten 10 plus leads and have one closing in less than a month. Zillow is great and I recommend it to every real estate agent I speak to!

    Live Urban Real Estate, Denver, CO
  • Love the direct phone calls from customers and the instant messages.

    Madeline Friedman, Tucson, AZ
  • My ROI on my Zillow marketing dollars is over 2000%...need I say more?

    DL Jones & Associates, Anthem, AZ
  • Zillow brings business. Many buyers use this site to find homes and that helps sell homes!

    Realty Executives Northern AZ, Sedona, AZ
  • Within hours of becoming a Premier agent I received my first lead from Zillow. And today, less than 2 months as a Premier agent I have generated many quality leads and converted two of them into sales. My investment has paid off handsomely! I highly recommend to other agents making Zillow part of your marketing plan.

    United Brokers Group, Chandler, AZ
  • I have always been skeptical about any type of advertising program that is marketed to real estate agents. Within days of becoming a Premier Agent with Zillow, I had leads. And within a month, I had my first closing.

    Grand View North Realty, Flagstaff, AZ
  • I have been a Zillow Premier Agent for 3 months now and I can say that my business has increased and my phone is constantly ringing! Also, the customer service I have received from my Zillow Representative has been Awesome!!

    Exit Realty Horizons, Las Cruces, NM
  • Promise Kept, Profits Increased. That's the best way I can explain what Zillow's Premier Agent program did for my real estate business. Thank you again. Customer for life.

    West USA Realty, Mesa, AZ
  • I learned about the Zillow Special Offer program late one evening, so I ran a special later that night on a listing that had been on the market for 9 months. Several scheduled showings happened immediately thereafter, and an acceptable offer was submitted within days. Pretty cool!

    Revolution Real Estate, Nashville, TN
  • Ever since I have been using Zillow's Showcase Ads, I have seen my business double! It's an easy-to-use feature and provides you with great exposure in the areas you work. I am just mad I didn't buy more when I could of!

    Americorp, Chicago, IL
  • I have been on Zillow for about 3 months now and I am very satisfied with the amount of referrals I have received and how friendly the Zillow staff is.

    General Realty of Tennessee, Mountain City, TN
  • We closed over $60,000 worth of commissions last year that were a direct result from our Zillow leads. Zillow does work and we will continue to advertise aggressively with Zillow in 2012.

    South Shore Team, League City, TX
  • I started with Zillow 2 months' ago and purchased 2 zip codes. Since then (thanks to Zillow!) I have 2 clients under contract and one listing. I love Zillow, it is the best marketing money I have ever spent!

    HomeCity Real Estate, Austin, TX
  • I've used my status as a Zillow Premiere Agent to gain listings. It's part of my listing presentation. Letting buyers know that I'm active with Zillow gives me increased credibility with them, too! It's a very good program!

    The Danberry Company Realtors, Inc., Maumee, OH
  • Becoming a Zillow Premier Agent was The Best business decision I have Ever made. I have closed at least 1-3 deals a month, All from Zillow leads!

    Smith & Co. Inc., Andover, KS
  • Winter is normally a slow time of year for me here in Missouri. Not this year. I am getting lead after lead from Zillow. I love how my leads are sent to me via text. This allows me to answer the customer within minutes of their inquiry. Thank you Zillow. You have paid for yourself for years to come already. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    First Choice Realty, Eldon, MO
  • I have only been a Zillow agent for a few months and already have contracted two clients I received as Zillow referrals! I am very happy with my Zillow account. I have tried many other lead generating programs and nothing compares. My listing clients also love the Zillow reports... it helps me look like a winner! Thanks Zillow!

    MJ Craig Associates, Killeen, TX
  • I signed up on the Premier program at NAR and before I got out of the expo I had a called on my phone. I am still working with that person but when I got home I received another lead and worked with them and they closed on a home the 31st of Dec.

    M.E."Gene" Johnson Realtors,Inc., Round Rock, TX
  • I have invested marketing $ in many places in the past with no return ... Homegain, Realtor.com, Homes.com and had no measurable success. Zillow has paid off handsomely in the months I have been a Premier Agent.

    HR Realty Group,LLC, Carmel, IN
  • Zillow reps are great to work with. I would recommend Zillow to realtors who want increase buyer and seller leads. I can see the activity on Zillow increasing since the 15 months I have been a member. Hurry and sign up for your favorite zip codes before they are taken.

    Weichert Realtors, Overland Park, KS
  • I've been extremely happy with my decision to put my very important marketing dollars to work with Zillow. As a full time agent in a tough real estate market, it's nice to find a partner to help us find success!

    Advantage Realty Group, Naperville, IL
  • With over ten years in the real estate business, I would say being a Zillow Premier agent has been money in my advertising budget that is well spent. It has paid for itself very quickly and has become one of my most important features of promoting myself. It is critical to my success.

    SellSmart Lone Star Real Estate, San Antonio, TX
  • Nothing but praise. Since joining Zillow my buyer pool has tripled. Kurt, my rep, is always upbeat and truly happy for me that I am doing so well. I will always be a member of the Zillow family.

    Oklahomes, Clairmore, OK
  • Advertising on Zillow.com has been very beneficial in my business. It shows my sellers that I am willing to invest extra money to promote their listings. I have received numerous leads that have led to closings. It pays for itself!

    Jaqua Realtors, Kalamazoo, MI
  • The biggest plus of being a Zillow Premier Agent is that the leads I've gotten have ALL had valid contact information. That is such a great benefit versus previous lead generation situations where over half were bad numbers and/or emails. I'm looking forward to my first sale with a Zillow lead customer.

    Ken Purvis Real Estate, Crossville, TN
  • Zillow is a great lead generator. The program works 100 percent better than any other online program I have tried.

    Wm R Leahy Real Estate, Chesterfield, MO
  • Zillow has helped my business grow tremendously over the last year. In addition to receiving real-time leads, the customer service team is quick to answer all my questions and keeping me informed of new products and opportunities for me as a Realtor.

    Summit Realtors, Dallas, TX
  • The Zillow Premier program has provided me with numerous leads I would not have otherwise received. The Zillow Premier program has been an excellent source for new business especially in a very difficult market. I cannot say enough about my representative, Jon is attentive and responsive while offering excellent suggestions to enhance my effectiveness.

    Koenig & Strey Real Living, Chicago, IL
  • I started using Zillow recently in an effort to promote my listings and noticed immediate results in terms of the number of inquiries. It has been a very effective form of exposure. I am very impressed with Zillow, you guys did it right!!!

    Real Estate One, South Lyon, MI
  • There are so many people out there using Zillow in their home search as well as their home value search. Letting people know that we are Zillow Premier Agents greatly increases our credibility and creates a sense of familiarity when talking to people about our services. It helps them relate to us because we share a common link in the services we use and it increases their perceived value in using our services.

    New Home Solutions, Austin, TX
  • I love Zillow - it has helped out my business very much. Since I have become a member of Zillow I have gotten so much business I don't even know what to do with. I'm going to have to hire and assistant ASAP! I wish I would of signed up Zillow a lot sooner... I give them 2 thumbs up!

    Champions Real Estate Group, Houston, TX
  • I signed up in August for the Premier program, and I closed on my first deal in late September. Zillow gets my phone to ring, and it's my job to close the deal. Thanks Zillow!

    Carrasco Real Estate Co., Allen, TX
  • I have had a great experience with Zillow and their sales team. Since signing up for the Premier program the leads I have received from Zillow have increased by over 1,500 percent.

    Austin City Living, Austin, TX
  • I have gone ahead and purchased 10 ZIP codes in my area and am getting one to two leads a day. Good solid leads that want cma or want to see a home.

    Grand Rapids Real Estate, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Of all the on line marketing systems I have implemented, Zillow Premier has produced the most client inquiries, which come directly to me and with no additional work on my part. I am inspecting a home today with a wonderful client who contacted me.

    Max Broock, Realtors, Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • Yes - Best internet marketing investment I've made in my business. I purchased a zip code and my phone began to ring.

    Watson Realty Corp., Augustine, FL
  • The week after I signed up with Zillow I had a lead that was converted to a sale! It paid for my Zillow advertising for a year and then some. The customer service is very responsive and happy to help with any situation until it is resolved. I would highly recommend the Zillow program to any agent whether they are just starting in the real estate business or those that are experienced.

    Owens Realty, LLC, Boone, NC
  • Being a Zillow Premier agent has been an excellent tool for me to gain a competitive edge against my competitors. I often use it to win over my clients during my listing presentations. Also, I have picked up numerous buyers that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to work with.

    Piedmont Group Properties, King, NC
  • I have received many leads that have led to close.

    Ellis Group Realty, Inc., charlotte, NC
  • Approaching 40 years in the real estate business, I've finally found an advertising medium that really "works." Wish Zillow was around in the '70s.

    Realty Atlantic LLC, Palm Coast, FL
  • I gave Zillow Premier Agent a chance, and really thought I would be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of leads! They are sent via text message to my phone and emailed. I can see the property on my phone before I call the client. I wish I had signed on sooner! Also, I get an occasional direct call from a potential client, which is also really nice!

    ERA Wilder Realty, Chapin, SC
  • Zillow.com has been the best internet advertising I have done yet. In my first two months, I received approximately $2 million in leads and have closed over $1 million in sales. GREAT SYSTEM!

    Intracoastal Realty & Appraisers, Lake Park, FL
  • I am totally satisfied with Zillow. I even bought a second ZIP code to get more leads. Yesterday, I got a lead for a $1.6 million home right here in Boynton Beach.

    Continental Properties, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Being a Premier Agent has taken my real estate business in Southwest Florida to a new level. I am totally satisfied with the lead contacts, both in quality and quantity. Zillow.com is the total package for consumers looking to buy real estate. From home searches to statistical information and real estate advice -- it's all there for consumers and agents. What really amazed me is after becoming a Premier Agent, my sales representative contacted me to follow up on the success of my ads. They gave me excellent advice for how to increase my contacts. I often recommend Zillow.com to other agents.

    Greider Realty, Matlacha, FL
  • My actual closings have increased 50 percent because I am a Zillow Premier Agent. Having the ability to have past clients review me has earned me a lot of business.

    Pro-Gulf Properties, LLC, Cape Coral, FL
  • Zillow has changed my life as a real estate broker. I have been able to attract Realtors® to our company with the many leads I receive on a daily basis, share the leads, and grow my business tenfold. I am very thankful to Zillow for the maximum exposure I receive on their site and for the many leads that have turned into fantastic buyers and even listings. Zillow is so well known and I am thrilled to be prominent in my "farm" areas! I feel like a movie star. :) Thank you!

    Serafina Realty Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Zillow's Premier Agent program is the best online advertising investment, bar none.

    Russell & Jeffcoat, Inc, Columbia, SC
  • What a great program! I've secured several listings and buyers from Zillow Premier Agent.

    The Keyes Company, Plantation, FL
  • Zillow has given a boost to my business that other advertising has never provided. I have already had one closing, I have one in two more days, and I have a great listing. I also have a few other properties under contract with other customers that I've gotten through Zillow. My sellers also love to see their listings featured on Zillow. It has worked out great for me.

    Charles Rutenberg Realty, Orlando, FL
  • Zillow Premier has allowed me to gain exposure in markets and price ranges that I otherwise would not be able to break into.

    Weichert, Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Before I became a Premier Agent in late September, I had no new real estate business, just an occasional past-customer call. Now after making a monthly advertising investment that is one of the most frugal I have ever made, I have scads of qualified, Internet-savvy buyers to work with in addition to those in the coming months to a year or more. My pipeline is again full just as it was back in the good old days, and I presently have six contracts that will close between December 30, 2010 and February 14, 2011! Additionally, I have listed several properties. Thank you, Zillow!

    Horan Realty Group, New Port Richey, FL
  • I have only been using the Premier Agent program about three months and although I have not officially sold anything, I am working with some viable leads. I feel Zillow was a wise choice for my marketing dollars and look forward to what the New Year brings.

    Hines & Associates Realty, Cornelius, NC
  • Zillow is quickly becoming a primary source for my leads. I'm impressed that not only do I get the lead by email, but I get a follow-up phone call from Zillow to make sure I got the lead. The leads are local folks who nearly always give an email address and phone number, thus allowing me to contact them quickly. This is one of the best advertising venues I've ever used.

    Wallace Realty Company, Salisbury, NC
  • I have already closed on one home, have an offer pending, and two serious buyers that are about to write offers because of the Zillow Premier Agent program. I am extremely satisfied!

    RealtySouth, Birmingham, AL
  • My business has grown significantly since committing to my market-area ZIP code! I get leads weekly that I would never have captured, securing four transactions per month to-date.

    National Realty, Palm Bay, FL
  • I am so happy that I signed up for this program! Within hours of signing up, I already received several buyer calls, and after 24 hours, I signed my first Zillow-related listing! I have only been a member for a few months, but have already closed several deals and am working on many others. This program is 100 percent worth it, and I have been recommending it to several of my colleagues.

    Keyes Real Estate, Homestead, FL
  • I receive more leads from Zillow than any other online real estate website period.

    Seawinds Realty, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL
  • I have been in real estate over 13 years. I must say, I have tried numerous lead- generating websites and optimization companies. All were a waste of money, time and effort. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years. I wish I had found Zillow years ago.

    La Rosa Realty, LLC, Celebration, FL
  • Zillow has brought my business to a new level with being on the cutting edge of what buyers are looking for. With a dedicated agent and Zillow on your side, you are almost guaranteed great success!

    Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, Newman, GA
  • In my first three months as a Zillow Premier Agent, I have closed sales and rentals, and I have a new listing. I am in process of working closely with eight buyers. It is amazing how quickly this program has enhanced my business.

    Castles By The Beach, Boca Raton, FL
  • I LOVE Zillow. It has taken my business to the next level. I have already closed several transactions from Zillow leads. I average about 20-25 leads per month. Nobody else offers anything this good.

    Grand Realty, Pace, FL
  • Advertising on Zillow has been a very pleasant and productive experience for me. The staff has been a pleasure to work with. They resolve any and all of my questions and concerns almost immediately, and their availability is fantastic. There are many avenues of online advertising and anytime you choose to try out a new avenue, you are always taking a chance with the success of those precious advertising dollars. Zillow has proven to be a risk worth taking for me and my business. Zillow will provide you with solid leads, but you need to follow through to reach success. There are some great features Zillow offers advertising agents, including one of my favorites that allows you to track all of the leads you receive through Zillow as well as easy transferring to programs for follow-ups, mailings, etc. It is an investment of precious marketing dollars, but with availability to these leads when they call or email you, diligent follow-ups and hard work, you will find it is well worth the investment!

    Beaches and Backroads Realty, Hope Valley, RI
  • I have been a Premier Agent for a very long time with Zillow and the Zillow/Yahoo network. I have also used Homes.com, Realtor.com and Trulia.com. I have to tip my hat to you and the Zillow/Yahoo network. For YEARS, you have been the best lead generator for me. I know when I get a lead from Zillow, I will be able to contact the prospect. The others do not give me the quality prospect that I get from Zillow. Last year, I received more quality leads from you than any other real estate website. Keep up the good work. It's been a pleasure doing business with the network.

    ReMx at Barnegat Bay, Forked River, NJ
  • The Zillow program has been fantastic, and I can attribute sales to it. The leads come on a regular basis! I love the program for sure, and I am so glad I signed up early!

    Lake Ontario Realty LLC, Chaumont, NY
  • The Zillow Premier Agent (PA) program allows me to receive targeted buyer leads for my areas of service. PA also enhances my listings for sellers, offering the opportunity to create a "special offer" for buyers.

    NextRE, King of Prussia, PA
  • Since I became a Premier agent, I have received many leads. I am now working with several serious clients who contacted me through Zillow -- well worth the expense!

    Elyse Harney Real Estate, Falls Village, CT
  • I think the Zillow Premier program is integral to my marketing of properties on the Internet. It is also an excellent tool when giving a listing presentation to a potential seller to show them what my partnership with Zillow can do for them.

    Chatham Properties Group, Chatham, MA
  • I have been advertising on Zillow.com for four months. In that time, I have received many requests and have closed on four properties. In this downward market, Zillow is a "key" tool for me.

    Herron Real Estate, Moorestown, NJ
  • We started this program at the end of December. It is now early March, and we have a client, whom we met through the Zillow Premier program, under contract to settle on a home later this year. The program has paid for itself.

    Long & Foster Real Estate, Devon, PA
  • I am amazed at how becoming a Zillow Premier Agent has boosted my business. I'm a skeptic at heart, and for me to spend a good bit of money for a lead service is a big leap. I am currently working with three buyers that came directly from my ad on Zillow, and have sold one listing direct from Zillow. After my next closing, I'm buying another ZIP code for sure.

    Slocum Realty, Warwick, RI
  • I receive at least one lead a day from my exposure using the featured advertising on Zillow! I also won a new listing by having the featured listing in the client's ZIP code reserved prior to the listing appointment!

    Libby Kirwin Real Estate, Newport, RI
  • After I signed up for Zillow Premier in July, I started receiving leads within the hour and showing houses to those leads that week. I have four closings scheduled and am working with five active buyers. This is a good investment because I can see the return already.

    Hodgkins & O'Hara Real Estate Team, Fayetteville, NY
  • Zillow has been my best source for buyer leads in a long time. I'm on many other sites but none compare to the number of leads that Zillow is producing. I have a closing later this month that came from Zillow -- nothing wrong with that!

    Kinlin Grover Real Estate, Wellfleet, MA
  • I love the phone contact immediately from Zillow on leads. If you are on the go, you can speak with leads right away and have a much better chance of landing them as a lead.

    Cassidon Realty Group, Whitehall, PA
  • This Zillow program seems to be working the best of all the online lead programs I have tried. The staff are so helpful when I call with questions, and they email me reminders if there is something I have not done to enhance my site. They are wonderful, and I would recommend this Zillow program to any agent.

    Acorn Realty, Bella Vista, AK