Zillow Premier Agent Testimonials

Agents across the country are getting new buyers and sellers through Zillow's Premier Agent program. Here is what just a few agents are saying:

Zillow Premier Agent Testimonials

  • Zillow has proven to be one of my most effective forms of advertising without a doubt, a great lead generator! My rep keeps me informed of all products and is always available to me. Bottom line: money well spent!

    RE/MAX Real Estate Group, Martinsburg, WV
  • My clients and I love my Zillow site because it has the latest real estate property sales updated daily! In addition, the "search for homes" features are very accurate and convenient. Last but not least, the website is very clean and very easy to navigate.

    Team Nuvision - RE/Max Elite, Arcadia, CA
  • For the first several months of my contract, I was getting a lot of poor quality leads. I realize now that it paid to hang in there because in the last month I have sold a $650,000 home and a $427,500 home to clients that contacted me through Zillow. I'm really glad it paid off.

    Re/Max Right Choice, Trumbull, CT
  • I have had a relationship with several different websites through the past couple of years and without a doubt, the leads that I have gotten from Zillow have had the highest conversion rate. These leads have been so successful that I have expanded from one zip code to three.

    ReMax Partners, Corona, CA
  • We have used the Zillow Premier program for over a year, and have seen many leads come into our Group. Within 12 months, we have closed sales we did not expect in our original planning phase at the beginning of the year. We got back all of our Zillow ad-dollars spent in the first sale closed!

    RE/MAX Integrity, Eugene, OR
  • I can't tell you how many times I have heard 'I see you Everywhere.' Zillow is the best for branding and since starting my hyper-local marketing campaign with Zillow Premier Agents - I have seen an AMAZING return on investment. The best Bang-For-The-Buck a Realtor can spend for online advertising.

    Re/Max NOC, Fullerton, CA
  • Of all the money I spend on advertising my Zillow dollars give me the most bang for my buck by far. I started out just over a year ago with only 25% of a zip code today I own 100% of three area codes. My business has gone from an average $100k a month to nearly a million a month. Zillow leads are on average more serious buyers than other service and trust me I've tried them all. I have two young children to feed failure is not an option, Thanks Zillow for helping me grow my business.

    Remax Associates, St George, UT
  • I was told about Zillow Premier from another agent. Once I looked into it further and talked to a professional sales rep I knew I wanted to join. Some of the areas I represent were already bought, but the agent gave me some great ideas of areas around me. After a few months, I have put properties under contract and started a good referral business to areas around me. It's the best real estate investment I have done.

    RE/MAX Pinnacle, Durango, CO
  • Target marketing at its best, most usable format! I am consistently capturing leads and showing homes in my farm area to legitimate, informed and ready buyers. Sellers love to see their home pop up as a Featured Homes, too...Premier Agent is just as powerful in Listing Appointments. This is by far the best marketing money I have ever spent!

    RE/MAX Southeast, Denver, CO
  • I have used many lead generators in my career. This is by far the most consistent and effective buyer generator I am currently using.

    Re/Max Alliance, Aurora, CO
  • Highly recommended to all agents. Once I signed up leads were instantaneous. In 2 months alone I am working with 3 very solid buyers.

    Remax, Glendale, AZ
  • I signed up to be a Premier Agent on Zillow in September 2011. I had tried a different lead generating website with other agents at my Remax office, and I felt that I wasn't getting good viable leads. I thought "all of my clients use Zillow to look up homes, so that's what I will do to find more clients!" I have had 4 closings and I have 2 in escrow. More than half of the many buyers that I have looking right now are leads that I got from Zillow.

    Remax Alliance Group, Gilbert, AZ
  • I cannot say enough about Zillow and the Premier program. Unquestionably, the biggest quality and quantity lead machine in real estate on the Internet.

    Re/Max Traditions, Chagrin Falls, OH
  • I joined Zillow's Premier Agent Program a month ago and I have gotten several leads and continue to work with some of those clients. So far, it is worth the investment.

    RemaxPlatium, Brighton, MI
  • The Zillow Premier Agent program has made my business explode with leads, best marketing decision I've ever made.

    RE/MAX Traditions, Mentor, OH
  • When I was first asked to become a member of the Premier program I said to myself, "great, another vendor trying to reach into my realtor pocket." I decided to try the program with some reluctance but I have to admit that nobody was surprised more than me when I began receiving a constant stream of online inquiries from leads requesting viewings, leads looking for more information, etc. I have been on the program for 3 months and I have my first closing tomorrow on a Zillow generated lead, I am working with 2 investors looking to buy, 2 couples ready to buy, and I have at least a dozen warm leads that I am working on cultivating into active buyers.

    RE/MAX Showcase, Waukegan, IL
  • I have been a full time real estate broker since 1989. During that time, I have tried virtually all venues of advertising and self-promotion. My experience with Zillow has been amazing. The customer service is exceptional and the number of leads I have received that are real prospects has been amazing. Thanks, Zillow.

    Re/Max Elite, Brentwood, TN
  • I have tried several online systems to obtain web business, Zillow out produced my best site previously in one week!

    RE/MAX Preferred, Oregon, OH
  • This is by far the best marketing money that my team spends.

    RE/MAX Platinum, Saint Louis, MO
  • Not only is it an effective tool for sellers, providing more exposure to their listing and giving me a proven listing advantage, but it's boosted my business. My lead generation is up 50% within the first 2 months of using this program.

    Re/MAX, Portage & Geauga, OH
  • I am so pleased with the leads from Zillow.com! Of course, not every lead is ready to buy or sell right now. But, I will be closing my first transaction from a Zillow.com lead next month. Thank you Zillow.com!

    RE/MAX Destiny, Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Zillow has been a great tool in my arsenal for lead generation. I can contribute 3 closings this season to my Zillow Premier Agent Program. Thanks Zillow and keep up the good work!

    RE/MAX Realty Center, Cypress, TX
  • Great avenue for potential leads. Do not miss the opportunity to join. Some of the best money you will spend for the return on your investment. My sellers are impressed and my buyers can find me along with my inventory.

    RE/MAX - Checkmate, Inc., Johnson City, TN
  • I started using Zillow's lead program a few months ago because I wanted to become more active in new areas, and also because I hear more and more customers mention that they search on Zillow. The number of leads I receive and sales I have closed as a result of partnering with Zillow has almost been overwhelming, and I've had one of my best years ever, closing almost a deal a week. I have made over $20,000 as a direct result of Zillow in just a few months. The lead system is so simple. ... You just buy ZIP codes and good prospects will call and email you. I receive reports from Zillow that summarize all the new leads, and that helps me not lose track of anyone. Teaming up with Zillow has by far been one of the best forms of advertising I've tried in 10 years.

    Re/Max River Bend, Alton, IL
  • I started using Zillow February of 2011. It was a little expensive but I had heard good things so I gave it a try. A month later I started buying up as much Zillow as I could afford. So I figured if this is working so well I'll try one of Zillow's competitors too, which was actually a little more expensive. I got twice as many leads every month as Zillow! Now here we are at the end of the year. Going through all my closings and figuring out where all of the leads came from that I closed. I had closed tons of Zillow this year. Not a single one from the competitor. NOT ONE!!!??? Since realizing this I have added more shares of Zillow and completely cancelled the competition.

    RE/Max Masterpiece Realty, Port St Lucie, FL
  • As a Zillow Premier agent, we have received good leads that have produced business with new clients and friends. What has been the biggest surprise is the number of people we know that view Zillow, without any intention of moving/buying a home, but recognize that we are there. It's a "reminder" to them that we are agents and they often mention it to their friends/associates - a nice personal referral base.

    RE/MAX Metro, Treasure Island, FL
  • Since I joined the Zillow Premier Agent program, I have noticed a considerable increase in the number of leads that I have received. To date, have been able to convert five of them into closings in the last seven months. I am very happy with the service and would recommend it (but not to my competitors).

    RE/MAX Marketing Specialists, Spring Hill, FL
  • I have only had my Zillow Premier for about two months, and I am getting about three to five leads per week, one of which is under contract to purchase already! I have been pleased with the results so far.

    RE/MAX Specialists, Jacksonville, FL
  • As a Premier Agent on Zillow.com, my exposure has increased in a short amount of time. This exposure has translated into more monthly leads. In just a few months, I have been able to close on a few of those leads; these are sales that I wouldn't have had if not for the Zillow Premier Agent program. I highly recommend this program.

    Remax Classic Group, Branchburg, NJ
  • As an agent who has been in the business a long time, it was hard to keep up with the fast and furious changes of the "new communication" environment and the Internet world. Zillow was a fantastic addition to my marketing portfolio and has more than paid for itself many times over!

    Remax Right Choice, Trumbull, CT
  • Zillow gave me five buyer leads that I was able to get to closing and receive a commission in the first six months. Also, two listings from sellers went to closing. It is the best website I've ever used.

    RE/MAX First, Rochester, NY
  • I was quite skeptical about joining Zillow since I've joined so many "wonderful" programs in my 27+ years in real estate. I'm glad to say there was no need for skepticism! Zillow has been great for me, and I can count three direct closings in the first month since I joined Zillow. Don't walk -- run to sign up for this program!

    RE/MAX Tri County, Hamilton, NJ
  • I have never used a lead-generation service that has been as effective as my advertising on Zillow.com. I get several leads each week and, in almost every case, I can communicate with the prospect. Since I started three months ago, I have shown several of them homes, and I have one transaction now pending because of Zillow.com.

    RE/MAX Services, Blue Bell, PA
  • It has been a great experience with Zillow. I am receiving more leads than I expected. Well worth the investment.

    Re/MAX, Rochester, NY
  • Thank you, Sam, and all your team for convincing me to participate in your program. It has helped take my business to the next level. We love the leads -- they are GREAT ones! We submitted two offers so far! The reviews are great for listing presentations ... you guys are the best!

    RE/MAX Traditions, Bolton, MA