Frequently Asked Questions - Premier Agent Program

Why should I advertise on Zillow?

By advertising on Zillow, you receive more than just placement on one of the leading real estate sites on the Web. Your advertising extends beyond our millions of monthly active home shoppers, to placement on Yahoo! Real Estate as well as across our top-rated mobile apps. Receive instant visibility for your brand and your listings on the largest real estate network on the Web1.

What is the Premier Agent Program?

The Zillow Premier Agent program is designed with the simple purpose of bringing agents more buyers, more sellers, and more business. Each service tier is loaded with innovative and powerful features aimed to generate more traffic to your brand and your listings -- helping you sell homes faster. With three tiers of service, there’s a Premier Agent package that’s right for you.

How is Premier Agent Platinum different from Gold and Silver?

You’ll receive premium placement through our exclusive Buyer’s Agent Lists and Showcase Ads. With the Buyers Agent List, you’ll appear next to listings and home searches in your farm area as an elite agent to contact. Home buyers interested in taking the next step in their real estate purchase can connect with you directly through the touch of a button.

Availability for this package is limited, so email or call us at 866-324-4005 to see if there’s space in your area.

My ZIP code isn’t available for Premier Agent Platinum. What are my options?

If your ZIP code is full, make sure to get on our waitlist. The moment space opens up, you’ll be the first to know! Email or call us at 866-324-4005 to get added to the waitlist for your ZIP code.

In the meantime, you can secure placement with Premier Agent Gold or Silver. Each Premier Agent package is designed to build your presence on the Zillow Yahoo! Real Estate network and give you the tools you need to drive more buyers, more sellers and more business your way.

How much does Premier Agent Platinum cost?
The price for Premier Agent Platinum varies by ZIP code, as well as the number of impressions that you choose for your ads to display each month. Each ZIP code has a unique pricing plan, based on amount of visitors. ZIP codes with high traffic will cost more than ZIP codes with less traffic.
What are Premier Agent websites?
Premier Agent websites are customizable, turnkey websites specifically designed for real estate agents. Powered by WordPress, agents can easily create a personalized website without the need for web expertise.
What do Premier Agent websites include?
Premier Agent websites include:
  • -- A custom domain name
  • -- MLS property search through IDX (note your MLS may charge a separate fee for this service)
  • -- SEO optimization
  • -- Powerful customization through a range of templates
  • -- The ability to add local data, video, multiple plug-in widgets, and more
What if I already have a website of my own?
If you already have a website of your own, you can choose to:

1. Migrate your domain name to your new Premier Agent website (it's easy and free)

2. Use the Premier Agent website as a secondary website to focus on niche areas of your business (for example, foreclosure listings and education) or for additional SEO exposure.

I have a question about my Premier Agent website. Who can I contact for support?
We're here to help. Email us with any questions.
What is an impression?
An impression is when an agent appears on the Buyer's Agent List on a home profile page. You will not be charged for the number of times you appear in neighborhood or ZIP code searches.

For example, 1,000 impressions would mean that you have appeared on the Buyer's Agent List 1,000 times on homes for sale.

What's the difference between contracted impressions and delivered impressions?
Contracted impressions represent the number of impressions purchased. Delivered impressions show how many impressions were actually delivered in the current month.
Are my impressions guaranteed?
Impressions are guaranteed as an average over a 6-month or 12-month period, depending on the duration of your contract. For example, if you purchase 1,000 impressions for a 12 month contract, you are guaranteed to receive an average of 1,000 impressions per month over the course of your 12-month contract.
When I first signed up for Premier Agent Platinum, my ZIP code was purchased by share of voice. What happens now?
All existing contracts remain unchanged for the duration of your contractual term. In the MyAds section of your Zillow profile, you will see data in the contracted impressions column. Contracted impressions are estimated based on your percentage share of voice (SOV) at the time of your purchase.
What information is included in the client listing report?

As a Zillow Premier Agent, you can subscribe your clients to personalized, weekly email reports that provide the latest stats for their home on Zillow. Page views, search results, and nearby comps will continually show your clients the great traffic their home is getting on Zillow.

Why is my phone number showing up incorrectly on the Buyer's Agent List?
Every Premier Agent is assigned a local tracked number that will forward to the phone number that you provided at time of sign-up. This local tracked number allows you to see how many home shoppers contact you as a direct result of seeing you on Zillow. Each call will start with an automated "This is a call from Zillow" message.
What are Zillow Special Offers?

Zillow Special Offers help agents and sellers drive waves of traffic to specific homes. Premier Agents can add a Special Offer to a listing, which is then highlighted to Zillow’s millions of unique home buyers.

The Special Offer is a credit towards closing costs provided by the seller. To ensure clarity, you must include the Special Offer in the Purchase and Sale agreement for the home.

Note: Minimum monthly spend required for Premier Agent Platinum members.

What are logos for listings?

Understanding how hard you work to build and promote your brand, you can now add your office logo to all of your listings on Zillow for our millions of home shoppers to see. Don’t have a custom logo? Use your picture, so people browsing Zillow can see you whenever they see your listing.

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