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Videos are the easiest way to learn about Zillow and how to get involved with one of the most popular real estate Web sites. Browse these videos and learn how to better interpret Zillow's data, promote your business, spot real estate trends, and more.

Real Estate Advertising

Make sure your listings and brand are receiving maximum exposure on Zillow. Use innovative and ZIP-code targeted real estate advertising that can help your listings receive up to 3 times more traffic.

Zillow Marketing Opportunities

Promote your listings, yourself, and your expertise on Zillow to the millions of people that visit the site each month. Watch these videos to learn how to effectively do this.

Zillow Mortgage Marketplace

Zillow Mortgage Marketplace allows borrowers to shop anonymously for customized mortgage quotes. Confirmed lenders interact with mortgage shoppers in one of the most innovative and vibrant mortgage centers on the Internet. Learn how you can benefit:

Want to learn more? Contact a sales representative today


Want to learn more? Contact a sales representative today


Zillow Audience
Monthly unique users(1)
(as of January 2014)
70 million
Year-over-year growth 52%
Median household income(2) $76,161
Median age(2) 46
Zillow Attracts Buyers
Zillow consumers' average credit score (very good rating)(3) 722
Zillow's click conversion compared to Google(4) 3.4x better
Home buyers who visit Zillow(5) 55%
Zillow users who are "in the market" - buying, selling, helping others buy/sell or planning to rent(6) 75%
Zillow visitors actively seeking a loan in the next 3 months(7) 3.8 million

Sources: (1) Internal tracking via Google Analytics, January 2014. (2) comScore Plan Metrix Site Audience Profile, January 2013. (3) Zillow users who submitted loan requests on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace during March 2011. (4) Independent study conducted by the WAV group. (5) California Association of Realtors study 2008. (6) Zillow site survey, November 2013. (7) Zillow internal, February 2013. Questions asked of home shoppers on Zillow.

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