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Electric Power outages

Electric Power outages
This evening 08/27/2007 at around 4:30 pm the power went out. It flickered twice and then went dead. I called Southern California Edison residental electric company to report the outage. No one had called in yet. It came back on around 5pm.
Out again around 6pm for a short while about 15 minutes or so.The third and final time it went down again at 6:31 pm. Out for 10 minutes. It's fine now.

I bought this home in 1996. Since that time we have had about 7 power outages. We have had transformers blow up. At least 3 that I have witnessed. It has always been several ups and downs before it settles and the connection is solid. The last time this happened it was 5 outages in one evening. The flickering was greater than tonights outage/s.

I asked SCE CSR the last time if there was some kind of upgrade needed to our area because of the transformers blowing up and the power outages that seem to have a difficult time getting back up with a solid connection. She told me no.
That transformers blowing up was a normal happening.
I said: "Thank you for your time." Click......

I called my brother after I hung up with her, who lives in Carlsbad and asked him how often a transformer has blown up in his neighborhood. He responded Never! How often have you had power outages? A couple of times.He has owned his home since 1980. He bought it new. My home was built in 1971.

When you go outside of your home. Look up above the alley areas. Note the condition of the wiring for power, telephone, and cable. There is a lot of very old wiring that is no longer in use.

I had a friend re-wire my phone lines in my home around 2000.
He is a contractor with focus on electrical. His comment on our neighborhoods wiring situation was:

"It's a rats nest of dead and old wiring all over the place. Your neighborhood really needs it's electrical systems cleaned up and the excess done away with."

How can we get this problem on the path to improvement?
  • August 27 2007 - Alamitos Heights
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