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Refininance Muliti-family investment property ...Help!

Hi I am in a strange situation. I have 800 credit. Spotless for 20 years.  I have 3 properties, the 1st I live in with a mortgage and Heloc, the second with a 160k  6 3/8% loan 30y w 25 left,(ouch) and the third paid off!  Problem is, with 3 morgage payments, my smallish income like 20k , even including the rents at 80%, I come no where close to get to a conforming DTI. So I can't touch a conforming loan. What in gods name can I do to get some cash out of this property at a reasonable rate? If it appraises at 160k, and I want a 100k loan... is there a program or lender out there? I have even thought about "moving in" to one of the rentals, and go for a refi as an owner occupy... but still DTI is still the issue! HELP!
My goal is to reduce the 160k 6 3/8 loan to a better rate, or refi the paid off property at a lower rate, and pay down the higher one.... I am even willing to additionally pledge the paid off property as extra security to refi the 1st one at a lower rate!
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April 15 2012 - North Providence
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