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Please correct my listing. Zip code for my home is 85218 yet you are calling it Apache Junction. Fact is, it is GOLD CANYON. There are listings in Gold Canyon that actually say Gold Canyon, and others that say Apache Junction. WOuldn't be a big deal....but if you look at the values, you will understand why. My house is not atypical for my area at $1,495,000 yet it is showing the average home prices in my area to be in the $200,000 range. If someone is framiliar with the area they know that there is a HUGE difference between Apache Junction, and Gold Canyon, and wouldn't take a second look. Just to let you know...ALL homes with the 85218 zip code are Gold Canyon, with NO exception. Within the last 5 years Gold Canyon got its own zipcode to differentiate it from Apache Junction. Please advise on how to fix this.
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July 25 2007 - US
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