Zillow Value Estimate: Decrease by $800,000 in Jan. 08- why?

The Zillow value estimate chart/graph for this house (170 San Marcos) was changed very recently. I've tracked the Zillow value estimates for this house since 2005. As recently as Nov. and Dec. 2007, the Zillow value (median) estimate for this house was around $2.5m. Why was the Zillow value estimate reduced by around $800k in Jan. 2007 (and prior months' info. changed retroactively)?

This house should be valued higher than, 171 San Marcos ($2.2m) which was bought around the same time for about the same price. This house should definitely be valued more than 180 San Marcos ($2.1m), 150 San Marcos ($1.8m) and 200 San Marcos ($1.6m). This house was rebuilt in 2004 (2 stories added). It has new and modern appliances, all new hardwood flooring, and all-marble bathrooms (4.5).
  • Question refers to 170 San Marcos Ave, San Francisco, CA 94116
  • January 21 2008
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