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I"m tring to decide whether to try to sell/buy now or in the Spring, any advice is appreciated.
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1 minute ago
What is the $800 for on the listing for the house on 6201 N. Olive in Gladstone,MO.
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10 minutes ago
  • Asked by delange debra
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  • 16 minutes ago
how long after a chapter 7 can you refinance a house
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11 minutes ago
  • Asked by crazycarman
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  • 35 minutes ago
What happens if we as buyer are paying all cash and seller has clear title?
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11 minutes ago
Can I get a conventional loan if its exactly 4 years to-the-day after my bankruptcy?
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12 minutes ago
(Moved): I cannot drag my pictures. Help!!
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  • 16 minutes ago
(Moved): Delete Photos & Load New ones
Buyer cancelled after inspection period - can I keep earnest funds?
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16 minutes ago
(Moved): Having trouble listing my house
Does the current HARP program have any loan-to-value requirement?
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19 minutes ago
  • Asked by janet leavens1
  • In Refinance
  • 4 hours ago
(Moved): How do I list farm land for sale
I advertise my house and apartment in Zillow and I could not find any of those. 728 Alhambra Circle
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26 minutes ago
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