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Why are my closing costs so high???
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Latest answer by Dave Skow
4 minutes ago
  • Asked by user11068066
  • In Mortgage
  • 18 minutes ago
I have a 603 Fico Score & 749 Vantage Score, can I get a home loan now?
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Latest answer by Dave Skow
10 minutes ago
  • Asked by eeliporras1984
  • In Mortgage
  • 5 hours ago
Refinancing out of a 203k before work is done in VT
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15 minutes ago
  • Asked by user8350084
  • In Refinance
  • 12 hours ago
Downtown Manhattan Prices are Soaring
Looking for 3/2 Nolensville rental in Williamson County school zone
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Latest answer by Jeff Lawrence
23 minutes ago
Please Remove My Listing
Rates on the move again!
Latest answer by Paul Mondello
34 minutes ago
what are the advantages of a large down payment?
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Latest answer by Bruce Lynn
45 minutes ago
i need a $20,000 home loan, where do i go?
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52 minutes ago
Natural way to lose your extra pounds
What 2 Schools in St. Johns County Are Not Ready?
  • Asked by Phyllis Frankel Realty
  • In Schools
  • 56 minutes ago
Renting vs Buying
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Latest answer by Mark Baragar
57 minutes ago
How can I find out the house values in 2008?
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Latest answer by Mark Baragar
1 hour 6 minutes ago
Which NYC Neighborhoods Had The Most Dog Waste Complaints?
To Be Beneficial In Many Ways For Children
It is natural and energetic
Home loan without 2 year work history
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Latest answer by Melissa Kerick
2 hours ago
  • Asked by carissanfowler
  • In Mortgage
  • 1 day ago
Can a first time home buyer purchase a foreclose home?
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Latest answer by Elizabeth Van Blarcom
2 hours ago
Has the market started climbing again?
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Latest reply by Mary Allen
3 hours ago
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