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Can I get a mortgage in Maryland for a home purchase in Georgia?
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Latest answer by Norm D Plume
2 days ago
203K appraisal
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Latest answer by Paul Welden
2 days ago
Is buying a condo to rent out a wise idea for a recent college graduate?
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Latest answer by zuser20140120081814583
August 12
  • Asked by christinathink
  • In Investing
  • March 04
VA loan with high DTI
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Latest answer by Paul Collier
August 12
Looking at buying my first rental property next year
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Latest answer by Tim McIntyre
August 10
  • Asked by zuser20140602152506618
  • In Home Buying
  • August 10
I'm trying to purchase a home, but I have a foreclosure 2 yrs. out. Is there any hope for me ?
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Latest answer by Ray Blindauer
August 01
  • Asked by user3386722
  • In Mortgage
  • July 30
Pre-qualification credit check
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Latest answer by Bridget McGee
July 29
30 Day Notice to Vacate in email
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Latest answer by Eric McLellan
July 22
Need a lender for re-fi of my waterfront improved lot next to my house.
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Latest answer by Anna Montgomery
July 22
how do i get my ernest money back?
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Latest answer by James Ryan
July 19
i am thinking of buying a hud home in maryland how do i go about it?
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Latest answer by Tia Beverly
July 17
How do I list my home for rent on Zillow?
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Latest answer by Francis Ignacio
July 08
  • Asked by monicasmithpearl
  • In Rentals
  • July 08
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Latest answer by Ray Blindauer
July 01
  • Asked by user9292925
  • In Mortgage
  • June 29
Will I get approved for a mortgage as a PhD student
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Latest answer by Stephan Olason
July 01
Upside down
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Latest answer by Nisha Kaur
June 30
  • Asked by runjlc1
  • In Moving
  • June 27
Will I get my earnest money ($5,000) back?
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Latest answer by Galen Kurth
June 21
I want to sell my house "as is". What's the best way to go about this?
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Latest answer by Chuck Dalton
June 18
I want to rent a house. Can I do it without an agent and is there a free posting on zillow ?
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June 12
  • Asked by zuser20140612122010337
  • In Rentals
  • June 12
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Homes for Sale
  1. 1001 Saint Paul St APT 12C, Baltimore, MD Home For Sale
    1001 Saint Paul St APT 12C, Baltimore, MD 21202

     For Sale: $144,900

    • Beds: 1
    • Sqft: 706
    • Baths: 1.0
    • Lot: 706
  2. 5100 Windsor Mill Rd, Baltimore, MD Home For Sale
    5100 Windsor Mill Rd, Baltimore, MD 21207

     For Sale: $299,900

    • Beds: 4
    • Sqft: 2632
    • Baths: 4.0
    • Lot: 36276
  3. 3600 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD Home For Sale
    3600 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21218

     For Sale: $189,900

    • Beds: 3
    • Sqft: 1265
    • Baths: 3.0
    • Lot: 1353