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I want to sell my house "as is". What's the best way to go about this?
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June 18
how can a condo owner sell without an agent?
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June 09
Thinking about selling my house...
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June 07
(Moved): Price change deletion
Is there any way to correct the "Last Sold" information?
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May 06
My home has been on the market over a week and is yet to show up on zillow for sale
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May 03
How can I sell a house that is part of an estate?
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February 03
what do I do?
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December 10 2013
What is an agent's responsibility to help a seller prepare for the appraisal process?
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November 24 2013
How much should an appraisal cost? Baltimore md
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October 10 2013
When does it make sense to attempt a short sales?
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May 23 2013
I have an active listing in the MLS but Zillow is showing that is NOT for sale. How do I get update
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March 27 2013
my home is on Zillow listed by a broker. Their contract is ending and I want to do a FSBO.
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January 22 2013
This property was to be removed from your listing.
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December 31 2012
What is the problem?
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December 31 2012
Please help to list my house on Fireside Circle Baltimore MD
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December 23 2012
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December 11 2012
Roof needs replaced, who is right?
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December 10 2012
I plan to list a home for sale, do I have to agree to pay the desk fee to list the home? thanks
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Latest answer by Marco LaPadura & David Lau
December 10 2012