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I want to get RID of the "make me move for $1,300,000". Please, let me know
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Latest reply by Sandra Green-Murray
September 12 2010
why zillow shows two red houses on one property (1625 Clear View 90210)? Only the 925K one is good
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Latest answer by Richard Schulman
June 07 2010
how do i delete a make me an offer listing
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Latest answer by Michael Lowinger
November 03 2009
how do i remove a make me an offer listing
My house is at 9772 oak pass rd. Beverly Hills, ca. 90210. Why do you list it's value so low?
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Latest answer by Spencer Rascoff
October 07 2009
I'm trying to find 3 comparible, prices ofmulti-family homes recently sold and their assessed value
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Latest reply by Andrew Jones
September 09 2009
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