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do all three heirs to a property sign the sale papers. my brother is executor.
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June 13
how do I cancel my listing?
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May 22
Can a Realtor be held responsible for referral a list of contractors.
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April 09
How long to list a condo before moving and should we try to get building FHA approved?
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August 19 2013
  • Asked by ScharleneHendrixPowell
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  • March 10 2013
How can I list my house on Zillow if my agent will not do it?
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August 16 2013
i KNOW I live in a "teardown", is it worth it to do any updating before listing?
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August 16 2013
Need help posting condo for sale by owner.
whats a better way to market my rentals "for sale"?
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May 09 2012
are the fountain height area 35204 a good area to investment in
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May 09 2012
Appraisal 80K off
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January 10 2012
  • Asked by usmcmcnutt
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  • January 09 2012
Home Price off by 80K
  • Posted by usmcmcnutt
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  • January 09 2012
Zestimate is a Zjoke
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July 29 2011
  • Posted by trickdog
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  • July 28 2011
My value of my home is grossly incorrect on Zillow
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June 03 2011
The information about my home is incorrect
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February 25 2011
Is it possible to remove pricing history from a listing?
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January 27 2011
  • Asked by Jay Strong
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  • January 26 2011
How do u delete a listing
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September 25 2010
how do you check houses sold in a particular area
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July 20 2010