Buying a Foreclosure in California

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Trustee Sale
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Latest answer by Neeraj Jassal
1 day ago
how do i make a bid
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Latest answer by Scott Cary
2 days ago
how do I find out what the history on this house.was it ever a crme scene?
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Latest answer by Kristie Ferguson
2 days ago
Looking for a experience foreclosure/short sale agent
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Latest answer by Kelly Smith
3 days ago
can you buy this property before it goes to auction for,the 250,000 listing price.
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Latest answer by Brian Ends
6 days ago
how can you buy homes listed as forclosed
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Latest answer by Jadeelaine P
September 03
What has been your experience with
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Latest answer by user7453373
September 01
Unsold homes in Amber Woods development in Vista, CA?
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Latest answer by Linda Westcott
August 26
is there a high risk for buying an auction property?
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Latest answer by zuser20140525083627448
August 19
how do i buy a home at an auction?
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Latest answer by Eric Kenneth Hamini
August 17
Is negotiating with Homepath possible?
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Latest answer by Ashley Dortch
August 10
Homepath First look program's fraud - southern CA
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Latest reply by user1706800
August 07
How can I use Zillow to buy homes?
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Latest answer by Jeremy Colonna
August 04
owner history
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Latest answer by cnrtool1
August 01
is now a god time to buy a home in the east bay.?
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Latest answer by Dean Tanti
July 15
how we can buy foreclosure property can u tell me plz
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Latest answer by Diana Watson
June 29
We are looking of buying foreclosure house.
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Latest answer by Ritu Singla
June 23
First time homebuyer
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Latest answer by Flavio Tejada
May 30
i JUST want to look at homes for sale, that is alllllllllllllllll
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Latest answer by Dorene Slavitz
May 21
forclosed houses
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Latest reply by Dunes ..
May 20