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what is the home value increase in costa mesa, ca
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June 10
Schools in our area
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June 06
  • Asked by VickiBrowneLopez
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  • June 06
Average cost for HOA fees for owning a Condo/townhouse in Huntington beach CA?
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July 30
How do I correct nearby neighbourhood information
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June 14
Looking for what year my neighbors homes were built.
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2 days ago
When looking for a home, what are the top 3 things you want in a neighborhood?
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May 08
Have you ever been a victim (or potential victim) of mortgage fraud?
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June 19
Neighborhood quality?
  • Asked by gsparesa
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  • April 26
Are the single story homes in this area going up more then 2 story
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May 21
My home is dropping. My Neighbors are going up. I don't get that.
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June 20
how to find where the utilities are for a vacant lot
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4 days ago
Why is my home price dropping in value and my neighbors house is going up in value?
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April 11
how can I determine the market value of a 20-acre parcel?
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April 10
Wrong Schools associated with address
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April 05
  • Asked by ReginaKay
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  • April 04
Mortgage Rates
Homes for Sale
  1. 5630 Cabinhill Cir, North Las Vegas, NV Home For Sale
    5630 Cabinhill Cir, North Las Vegas, NV 89031

     For Sale: $225,000

    • Beds: 3
    • Sqft: 1467
    • Baths: 2.0
    • Lot: 6534
  2. 263 E Morongo Rd, Palm Springs, CA Home For Sale
    263 E Morongo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92264

     For Sale: $699,000

    • Beds: 4
    • Sqft: 2396
    • Baths: 2.0
    • Lot: 10019
  3. 305 Arnaz Dr PH 4, Los Angeles, CA Home For Sale
    305 Arnaz Dr PH 4, Los Angeles, CA 90048

     For Sale: $875,000

    • Beds: 2
    • Sqft: 1418
    • Baths: 2.0
    • Lot: 13000