Renter Rights in California

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Signed a lease yesterday, and now my landlord is saying that the rent will be $50 higher than we agr
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July 17 2013
Opt out of a lease before moving in
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July 14 2013
California renters rights: Landlord showing property too much and on weekends, late nights?
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July 08 2013
they are selling the house i am renting
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July 01 2013
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July 01 2013
28821 loretta ln.renters rights
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June 22 2013
Shouldn't a 30 day notice apply to when you began renting.
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June 21 2013
How can I find out who owns a property? Location: Dublin, California
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June 17 2013
Can a landlord start charging me for plumbing costs?
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June 11 2013
Our apartment landlord refuses to fix a hot tub on the roof broken for 6 months. What can we do?
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June 07 2013
I want my "reservation deposit" back!
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June 07 2013
How do I know the home rental listing is not a scam if the owner claims he/she lives abroad?
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May 30 2013
My problem is I pay for a 2 bedroom apt. and only 1 has a window. One of the bedrooms has NO window
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April 18 2013
Is a lease voided if we can't move in by the date on the lease due to house not ready?
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April 16 2013
Tenants/Landlord Rights during the sale of a house
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April 02 2013
Short Sale Rights (California)
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March 29 2013
can my landlord tell my visitors not to come around?
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March 18 2013
reality company is trying to keep are deposit.what are are rights?this was a short sale house
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March 15 2013
is cash for keys given to the new owner to give to the tenent instead of get their deposit back?
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March 14 2013
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