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How can I get reasonable comps when I live in a rural area with no home sales nearby?
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September 04
  • Asked by mikeit72
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  • September 03
I am going to do a sale by owner. How do I make sure it is listed that way?
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August 26
How do I list my home for sale by owner on Zillow?
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August 10
why is zillow wrecking the sale of my home?
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August 09
  • Asked by jean golightly
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  • August 09
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August 01
Can Real Estate Brokers post
how do i upload pictures. I scanned them in PDF but they wont load
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July 15
Can any one tell me why my home no shows OFF MARKET?
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July 13
School district wants to buy my house
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August 10
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  • July 12
Is there a rotate button for pictures when uploaded? Upload correct then turn upside down.
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July 11
What would be the best option for an unwanted home?
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July 09
How do I list a home for sale by owner?
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July 05
buy or upgrade kitchen?
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June 16
how do you list a house for sale on zillow
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June 11
I own my home in Cherry Valley ar
How do I change the last sold amount?
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May 29
How can I change a zestimate?
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August 07