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Can my agent send a repair person into my home without my permission and without going through lockb
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October 07 2013
I want to offer a 5k credti for closing cost to a buyer for my home. Are there any restrictings?
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May 01 2013
Why don't you conform to Standard Value estimates?
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June 07 2010
Lost Job, have to move from Las Vegas, Owe 40,000 more than my house is worth. Walk away or rent it?
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March 30 2010
I need an agent that can help w/ a short sale in the las vegas area.
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February 18 2010
25% of homeowners are underwater, Mixed News on Houseing News
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January 11 2010
What is required in a short sale?
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July 17 2009
What is my home worth
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February 19 2009
  • Asked by veronice
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  • February 19 2009