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Need experienced realtor to sell a home on the NE side of Grand Rapids, MI?
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May 15
MI Rental Property
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Latest answer by Derek Bauer's, Door to Dreams Team
April 05
Can I short sell a rental property in Michigan?
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November 27 2013
How do I add a open house to my ad?
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October 02 2013
How do I get your info updated correctly?
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September 22 2013
  • Asked by user6459301
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  • September 22 2013
Upcoming open house price does not match new lower price of listing
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August 03 2013
my house is for sale but Zillow says it is not for say; how can this be changed?
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May 15 2013
can i post an open house on zillow?
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April 08 2013
How do i get my listing to say for sale instead of not for sale
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March 25 2013
Help....How can I remove prior selling and listing prices from my home for sale on zillow?
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March 25 2013
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  • February 18 2013
How do Land Contracts work?
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February 13 2013
Where to I get the Zestimate on a property?
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March 08 2012
how do you delete a home
How can I find an experienced short sale realtor in Grand Rapids, MI?
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July 13 2010
Credit wise, how will a short-sale affect my credit differently from a "redemption"?
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July 09 2010
The birds eye picture you show for 3855 Bridgestone is the house directly ACROSS from 3855 Bridgesto
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February 28 2010