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Can I get an FHA loan with a score of 590-660
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Latest answer by Kimberly Lawson
1 hour 58 minutes ago
getting a loan with a credit score of 552.
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March 25
  • Asked by heatherazaragoza
  • In Mortgage
  • March 25
should my my house payment be lower if pmi is cancel or should i get refund have a fha loan
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Latest answer by Brian Nguyen
March 17
Can a person rent a home if their current mortgage is in loss mitigation?
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Latest answer by Kimberly Lawson
February 22
  • Asked by nicolestonestaten
  • In Mortgage
  • February 21
What kind of grant can I get to pay my closing cost
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Latest answer by Mike Romano
January 29
  • Asked by user32103649
  • In Mortgage
  • September 09 2013
Do I have a chance in getting a mortgage with 580 credit score?
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Latest answer by Walton Realty Group
October 13 2013
Is a Chapter 13 Buyout/Cashout (Refi) Possible?
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Latest answer by Paul Davis
October 01 2013
My fiance and I are looking to buy, but we have bad credit. What can we do?
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Latest answer by Kimberly Lawson
June 18 2013
  • Asked by user1556404
  • In Mortgage
  • June 18 2013
HARP Refinance Costs
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Latest answer by wayne lancaster
February 27 2013
  • Asked by user41876709
  • In Refinance
  • February 15 2013
Im looking to get a mortgage on a newly purchased property(deed in hand) for repairs only looking fo
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Latest answer by Matt Helpling
February 27 2013
Mortgage rate question
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Latest answer by Clay Branch
January 20 2013
  • Asked by user5012802
  • In Mortgage
  • August 21 2012
What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-QVNRMBJ
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Latest answer by Greg Bleyl
December 22 2012
Did streamlined FHA refi last fall, now PMI rates are lower.
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Latest answer by Paschal Curtin
September 17 2012
  • Asked by user763759
  • In Refinance
  • September 17 2012
Is there a part time stipulation in getting a mortgage loan?
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Latest answer by Lance Holtman
May 16 2012
Help with Harp Refi
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Latest answer by Keane Ng
October 25 2011
  • Asked by tynestar
  • In Refinance
  • October 25 2011
i am a 550 she is a 480. is there any hope for us to buy?
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Latest answer by Joan Braunschweiger
March 21 2011
Is child subsity concidered in a home loan even though it is not concidered income
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Latest answer by yolando
December 22 2010
Is there a loan for a property that is in excess of the purchase price to cover know repairs?
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Latest answer by Trent Warner
November 15 2010
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Latest answer by Brian Crumby
August 24 2010
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    • Lot: 6098
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    5237 Seaman Dr, Dayton, OH 45424

     For Sale: $15,000

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    • Lot: 7840
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