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When will the des moines housing market pick back up?
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October 19 2013
How do I get my home listed with MLS?
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August 07 2013
How do I modify the property description, it is incorrect on the posting?
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June 27 2013
Hello,I am a real estate consultant and I have been connecting buyers with sellers in the
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March 27 2013
Best way to finalize inexpensive lot sale
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May 08 2012
Who can take a new birdseye view photo of my home?
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December 31 2011
My Public Facts are incorrect!
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December 22 2011
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  • December 12 2011
When will our public information be updated?
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November 03 2011
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  • November 03 2011
average time a house is on market in Des Moines right now?
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September 08 2010
what is the average days on market in Des Moines right now ?
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February 28 2010
What is a good way to find some one to stage your house.
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February 11 2010
What is the adverage Days on Market for home under 150K in Des Moines.
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July 27 2010
I am looking for the approximate value of this property
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October 29 2009
Multiple Home Inspection Reports- By law which one to show buyer?
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March 17 2009