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Need help!! Liens on my home for missed HOA dues. Need to sell but can't pay!
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Latest answer by Arthur Solomon
June 19
New price ? ON THE MARKET.
how do I add a listing
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July 22 2013
How do i price my townhome for sale?
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July 15 2013
  • Asked by jlinzi
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  • June 01 2013
How do I post my house for sale on Zillow
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May 14 2013
How can you correct a property's actual sold price?
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March 02 2012
  • Asked by David Keeney
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  • March 02 2012
The facts about my house are incorrect. How do I get this fixed
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January 06 2012
Best approach to selling a lot off of a property zoned R3 on Braddock Heights in MD
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September 20 2011
Realtor fees
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April 23 2011
My home is not worth enough to pay off the 1st and 2nd mortgages. How can I lower the sales price?
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August 27 2010
  • Asked by rmatt11
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  • March 09 2009
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July 30 2010
Is the market in Frederick Md starting to correct itself? It appears prices are going back up.
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July 05 2010
  • Asked by John111
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  • January 14 2009
What is typically easier to resell a condo or a single family home?
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July 02 2010
Z estimate is twice actual value. Help.
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August 29 2009