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Why don't photos update?
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Latest answer by Sam Shueh
June 14
I have a home in Fredericksburg and open to selling. Should I sell now or wait?
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Latest answer by Marsee Wilhems
May 22
Why is my finished basement not included in square footage? It was awhile ago.
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Latest answer by Cory Bannerman
December 21 2013
Is there a market for older, dated home?
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Latest answer by Jason Curry
February 11 2013
Realtor coming inside my house unnounced
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Latest reply by Sinead McAllister
January 24 2013
property error, how do you correct?
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March 06 2012
what is my home value
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May 26 2011
  • Asked by ltnldy
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  • April 13 2011
I need an estimate of my home's value:38 Glen Oak Road Fredericksburg, Va 22405
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May 26 2011
  • Asked by james.d.davis1
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  • April 12 2010
Why are all the houses in my neighborhood in Fredericksburg, VA shown with their assessed value?
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Latest answer by Mark Geslock
December 30 2010
Wht don't banks forgive the late fees so people can sell their homes?
Latest answer by workabee
August 12 2010
How can I find an experienced Short Sale realtor in Fredericksburg, VA 22408?
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Latest answer by Cliffscott17
April 02 2010
I bought my home on May 31 and may be forced to transfer to Baltimore...can I sell with VHDA loan?
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November 18 2009
This home sold of A LOT less than 415,650. I know I bought it. Zillow is incorrect frequently
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November 18 2009
How do I find the agent that is selling the most homes in Fredericksburg, VA region?
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October 16 2009
From the owner
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September 08 2009
  • Asked by SuSeeQ
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  • September 08 2009
Can you short sale when you can still make the mortgage payments?
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January 04 2009