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When is the best time to list our house?
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Latest answer by Matt Vogler
April 05
do you need an agent to sell your house
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February 25
please read the posting for 10850 SE Ridgeway Dr Portland Oregon. You are posting wrong information.
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August 12 2013
Find the going price for my house.
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November 06 2012
  • Asked by Englein27
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  • July 29 2012
Our home data is incorrect. How do I go about changing it.
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October 08 2012
  • Asked by Jerry Grogan
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  • October 08 2012
How can I get the correct prior sales data on my listing?
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October 17 2011
  • Asked by dsaunders48
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  • October 17 2011
what if Zillow is hurting a sale with bad information and estimate
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March 15 2010
  • Asked by BillSlo
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  • March 13 2010
what has happenned to Zillow estimates for all Happy Valley houses in the last 30 days?
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February 11 2010
  • Asked by ermanno
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  • January 29 2010
How Can A Realtor Be Removed from Info on a previous listing?
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December 10 2009
My house is no longer on the market. How can I remove the "For Sale" as well as the listing agents ?
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December 10 2009