Loan Modifications in Illinois

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preapproval for a mortage
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September 17
Does new bank have to honor modified loan from old bank if during 1st 3 months?
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October 13 2013
Can a cosigner and deed owner do a short sale?
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September 22 2013
Can my bank charge me for back interest on a loan modification?
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Latest answer by Bryce Schetselaar
August 20 2013
I am upside down on my mortgage. I don't qualify for any assistance. What are my other options?
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August 08 2013
I am currently working with Wells Fargo on loan modification. I missed a few payments and now am abo
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April 09 2013
Cash For Keys Deed In Leiu HSBC
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February 25 2013
I have been offered almost the exact deal from the same company what was your final advice?
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January 19 2013
I was a co-signer with my ex-husband on a mortgage for 3 rental properites which were also titled in
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January 04 2013
Denied modification by Harris bank. Do not qualify for refinance because of credit
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December 12 2012
What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-LXTYCHG
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December 02 2012
How to find legit 3rd party pro's to help with modifications
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June 28 2012
HELP! I did not lose my job nor get laid off but I don't qualify for the HAMP.
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June 07 2012
My Wife and I are underwater on our home. We have been late on our mortgage recently.
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March 13 2012
where is my zestimate?
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March 10 2012
Is it true I don't need an official notary in IL when I send in my modification paperwork?
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August 15 2011
With costs exceeding our means. will a mortgage company give us the loan modification we need?
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August 07 2011
How do I fix your very wrong listing of my house 2445 N Lawndale Chicago?
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April 19 2011
How can I get property value on multiple units and commercial property using zillow?
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March 04 2011
Hardship letter
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January 15 2011
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