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Mortgage: Re-fi or pay to principle?
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September 25 2013
  • Posted by user7970850
  • In Refinance
  • September 23 2013
i need help finding a rent to own home and agency that will help me find a home to rent
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September 24 2013
  • Asked by user6130190
  • In Rentals
  • September 24 2013
how can I improve my credit? I have a few negative items, such as a student loan, it has been paid o
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September 17 2013
What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request
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September 13 2013
Can an outgoing tenant charge a fee to a RE agent upon finding a new qualified tentant in NYC?
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Latest answer by Larry Eul
September 11 2013
i recently bought a mobile home and was lied to about it having black mold
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Latest answer by Debbie Gillum
September 09 2013
Is it better to use the first time homebuyers program versus buying investment property first
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September 09 2013
how can you get help for closing costs and down payments
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September 06 2013
My realtor gave the key to the new owners before we closed with out our permission what can we do?
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September 03 2013
How do I remove my house listing?
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September 03 2013
What is the protocol for selling a house in in Florida and then buying one in Kansas?
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September 02 2013
how do I get my for sale by owner house on Zillow?
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August 29 2013
I am selling a house to the renter, I will be accepting all payment in full when i do the contract,
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August 27 2013
how to list house/farm on zillow
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August 27 2013
My photos are upside down
Getting out of the military and moving back to the area
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August 22 2013
New to Zillow
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August 21 2013
  • Asked by Debbie Gillum
  • In Pro-to-Pro
  • August 20 2013
Escrow used in refinance to pay mortgage registration tax
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August 20 2013
  • Posted by user17017880
  • In Refinance
  • August 20 2013
how long after the inpection takes place does the buyer have to make a decision?
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August 13 2013
Method used to project Zillos price
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August 11 2013
  • Asked by user34438123
  • In Pricing
  • August 09 2013
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Mortgage Rates
Homes for Sale
  1. 4515 Faraon St APT A, Saint Joseph, MO Home For Sale
    4515 Faraon St APT A, Saint Joseph, MO 64506

     For Sale: $119,000

    • Beds: 3
    • Sqft: --
    • Baths: 2.0
    • Lot: --
  2. 1100 Baker Ridge Cir, Platte City, MO Home For Sale
    1100 Baker Ridge Cir, Platte City, MO 64079

     For Sale: $179,900

    • Beds: 3
    • Sqft: 2538
    • Baths: 2.5
    • Lot: 10454
  3. 4110 Cavalry Ct, Leavenworth, KS Home For Sale
    4110 Cavalry Ct, Leavenworth, KS 66048

     For Sale: $359,900

    • Beds: 6
    • Sqft: 4120
    • Baths: 4.5
    • Lot: 9346