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After all this mess about the buyer walk away from the deal "UPDATE "
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Latest answer by Julia Burwell
June 06
Dual Agency
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June 05
buyer walk away
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June 05
House under contract, need closing costs estimate and detail
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June 03
Why hasn't the price on Zillow increased after I put all the chnages to my home?
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February 13
I no longer have a realtor but my house is still listed on Zillow. I want to Sell By Owner.
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June 07 2011
I'd like to post my home as a fsbo. How do I do this???
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October 07 2010
How much value does 'additional sqft ft' get in comparison to the HLA of the home? 50%
Latest answer by Jane Bott Childrey
May 05 2010
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  • April 18 2010
why do some homes in the same neighborhood lose value in a 30 day period while others gain?
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September 03 2009
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