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someone wants to buy my house and wants to pay cash for it
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2 days ago
May I sell a Duplex - each unit - to two different buyers?
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2 days ago
Is this a good time to sell?
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July 18
Do I have to pay a commission on the sale of my property
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July 16
Can we reqest a buyer to cancel the contract the day after?
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July 08
want to sell without realters
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June 18
My listing at 2801 Florida ave. Unit 216 is not appearing on the app site. When you map the area
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April 08
Looking for cah buyer/Investor for a property that Im selling just north of Orlando Inte Airport
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March 24
I am selling my house in Miami, Fl "as -is", but a client got an appraisal that gave me an indicatio
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December 29 2013
Tips for getting the best value on Selling your house.
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December 28 2013
what is my home worth?
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November 14 2013
  • Asked by mickeyk
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  • April 19 2011
What Are The Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make?
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November 11 2013
i accepted an offer on my house but changed my mind can i back out can the force me to sell florida
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November 11 2013
how do i get a for sale by owner on MLS
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November 11 2013
Miami's billion-dollar real estate boom
how to list home for sale
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October 23 2013
Seeking a Chinese Speaking Realtor in Miami area
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October 07 2013
I have tried to place a FSBO addon Zillow 5 times , after re-writing the add I click "continue posti
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July 07 2013