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Listing my home for sale on Zillow
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June 04 2013
I want an aggressive and creative marketer. How to get realtor to be so?
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June 04 2013
Why is there no "Zillow Home Value Index" and "Sale Price" for area code 11412.
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May 28 2013
Home Inspection: What if you can't afford the Repairs?
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May 22 2013
I am selling my condo in Brooklyn and hired a broker to handle the sale. I was approached by a neig
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May 16 2013
how do i edit a posting?
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May 15 2013
Money held in Escrow
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May 05 2013
Market value and appraisal do not equal same? Appraisal came in 50k short?
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May 01 2013
Land value
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April 26 2013
Are home prices net, or do they include the broker commission fee
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April 18 2013
  • Asked by user7727239
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  • April 18 2013
My townhouse condo in S.I. NY keeps going down in Zillow price yet the same one that is 200 ft small
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April 13 2013
How do I log in
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April 05 2013
What is the past market value of my home
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March 28 2013
Should I pay this broker commission?
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March 27 2013
Should my real estate lawyer discuss the contract with me IN DETAIL before sending it out to buyer?
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March 13 2013
Bad Zestimate
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February 28 2013
  • Posted by WhitestoneGolds
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  • February 28 2013
What is ROI ?
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February 19 2013
How can i remove the year built ?
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February 11 2013
Our agent recently listed our home and Zillow's estimate was $47,900 less than our asking price. We
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February 09 2013
  • Asked by user5865493
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  • February 09 2013