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How to list land/lot for sale
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June 24
Will someone help me find a rental?
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May 26
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October 25 2013
  • Posted by Travis Van Noy
  • In Lenders
  • October 22 2013
Any new duplexes in Utah County?
My Landlord is selling my condo, does the new owner have to abide by my current lease?
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August 22 2013
Can I get a loan even if we own a home already?
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June 13 2012
I'm an owner of a property that shows some misinformation. How to correct?
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February 17 2012
What is the average per square foot on houses in Orem?
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January 24 2012
hy are your housing stats for my home s wron?
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September 01 2011
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July 29 2011
What does it mean to be a "Premier Agent"?
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April 29 2011
Could you correct your Zillow process when you are wrong?
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April 06 2011
Buying in times of negative outlook; How much does seller desperation play into the equation?
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August 28 2010
How long does it take to get a new valuation after updating home facts?
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July 13 2010
  • Asked by roncarroll
  • In Pricing
  • June 28 2010
Is this the right price? $129,000?
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March 26 2010
laying out zones or territories of residential housing
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March 09 2010
adding balance of selling home to purchasing home?
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November 20 2009
how do i go about finding the bank who took posetion of a condo i live by so i may purchase the cond
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October 23 2009
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Homes for Sale
  1. 2281 N 470 E, Provo, UT Home For Sale
    2281 N 470 E, Provo, UT 84604

     For Sale: $230,000

    • Beds: 0
    • Sqft: 2500
    • Baths: --
    • Lot: 435
  2. 1994 N 700 W, Provo, UT Home For Sale
    1994 N 700 W, Provo, UT 84604

     For Sale: $309,900

    • Beds: 8
    • Sqft: 3296
    • Baths: 4.0
    • Lot: 8712
  3. 1166 E 1220 N, Orem, UT Home For Sale
    1166 E 1220 N, Orem, UT 84097

     For Sale: $524,900

    • Beds: 5
    • Sqft: 4913
    • Baths: 4.0
    • Lot: 12196