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how much should a 15x15 paver patio cost? low cost pavers.
Latest answer by cinismax
March 29
Is it worth losing a bedroom to expand the bathroom and make a walk-in closet
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Latest answer by Cassandra M. Bickel
December 29 2013
Finishing an attic for storage
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Latest answer by Chad Roberts
December 29 2013
Is there a standard amount of elec outlets per room/sq ft per room?
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Latest answer by Bill Lutz
December 02 2013
I AM IN LOWER MERION PA. I have a 910 sq ft twin home I am remodeling. It will have 2 bedrooms and 1
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Latest answer by Andrew Lazur
October 30 2013
Will undercutting door jambs hurt home value?
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Latest answer by Joseph's Carpentry
October 05 2013
What kind of a return do you get on finishing your basement (if any)?
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Latest answer by Ed Corbett
July 23 2013
if my home has 1.5 baths and others that are similar have 2.5 baths, what is the value difference if
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Latest answer by Joseph's Carpentry
June 23 2013
If you put the Ikea PAX system into a room is that considered to have a closet?
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Latest answer by David Turner
May 22 2013
Home remodel contractor
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Latest answer by Mike Bottaro
April 04 2013
Update information about my home on zillow. how is this done?
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Latest answer by wetdawgs
March 20 2013
how to figure what value the house might be at
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Latest answer by Pasadenan
January 30 2013
Luan Flooring
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Latest reply by Derek Zasaretti
October 19 2012
2007 150k Addition
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Latest answer by Gary Mast
September 27 2012
Can I use old-style radiators?
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Latest reply by Tim Moore
May 06 2012
home shows 3 times
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Latest answer by Neil R
May 01 2012
I have a wall between my kitchen and dining room that I would like take down.
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Latest answer by Brian Berzinskis
April 20 2012
Do you like Hot Wheels ? ....Do I have the house for you...
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Latest answer by Michael Emery
April 10 2012
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Homes for Sale
  1. 177 Fulton St, Wood, PA Home For Sale
    177 Fulton St, Wood, PA 16694

     For Sale: $44,900

    • Beds: 3
    • Sqft: 1144
    • Baths: 1.0
    • Lot: --
  2. 11637 William Penn Hwy, Huntingdon, PA Home For Sale
    11637 William Penn Hwy, Huntingdon, PA 16652

     For Sale: $299,900

    • Beds: 0
    • Sqft: --
    • Baths: --
    • Lot: 5127012
  3. 8817 Pike Run Dr, Huntingdon, PA Home For Sale
    8817 Pike Run Dr, Huntingdon, PA 16652

     For Sale: $199,900

    • Beds: 1
    • Sqft: 1018
    • Baths: --
    • Lot: --