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Recent college graduate interested in getting into real estate industry/obtaining license.
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July 11 2013
My home isn't for sale but it's been incorrectly listed twice on Zillow by an agent I don't know. ?
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October 05 2011
Listing Report
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September 16 2011
My condo value has spiked almost 100K in the last three months. This can't be right, why?
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July 16 2011
I sold my house. How do I remove it from being listed as "My property" on zillow.
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December 18 2009
My house in the last mouth have drop in price and all of the houses aound me are going up Why?
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August 26 2009
how to find home valuations?
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February 17 2009
  • Asked by windy1234
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  • December 26 2008