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If we have listed for sale by owner how do I get on zillow?
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February 14
Why can I not sell when it's priced way below market and has new roof and updated utilities.
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February 13
Zillow estimate wrong
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February 06
Not able to close on settlement date.
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January 29
Looking for flipped or renovated homes in PGH Suburbs for Pittsburgh Magazine Story
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Latest answer by Erin Morgan
November 19 2013
are the sellers concession tax deductable against the gain on the property
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Latest answer by Mack McCoy
November 17 2013
If I am a home seller, is it worth staging my house for sale?
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November 07 2013
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November 06 2013
upstairs laundry or extra bedroom/office
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September 18 2013
  • Asked by user1155188
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  • August 17 2013
how do I list my home on Zillow
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August 12 2013
I live in PittsburghPA but own a 1-acre property in FL I would like to sell. How to do it?
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August 08 2013
we have agreatment for sale house But we can not sale house since we have proble with many things.
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August 07 2013
The furnace is 27 years old and AC is 15 years old, the house is 60 and in wonderful shape well take
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July 05 2013
How do I remove outdated "archived" photos?
Install Hardwood and Granite Counter Tops in Kitchen or Not? HELP!
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February 19 2013
what is the going rate they listing real estate agent is looking for?
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January 27 2013
Why is the price of my house so low compared to the comparible house next door?
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September 21 2012
  • Asked by jimowens2
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  • September 20 2012
What happened to my listings?