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Need to talk to a Lawyer about Foreclosure
Can I sue Zillow for making my house look like less than it is, if it seems way off base?
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Latest reply by Sean Cochran
May 31 2011
I am wondering why my 15 pics for my listing were removed 12/5/10?
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December 13 2010
Which will do more damage to your credit score a short-sale or a foreclosure
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Latest answer by Carol Jacobson
November 23 2010
prior sales data
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Latest answer by wetdawgs
October 15 2010
how do i get a home value comparison?
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July 31 2010
home value
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Latest answer by Matt Laricy
May 24 2010
how much below asking price should i offer? Sellers asking price is $150,000 more than value?
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Latest answer by Debbie Mae Kershaw
April 26 2010
where do I go on this website to find the value of my home - I'm lost
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December 12 2009
im not in market to sell but I would like to find out whats my house worth now for refinance purpose
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October 01 2009
  • Asked by zaheersufi
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  • October 01 2009
How do I sign in when your system rejects both my email address and password
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August 09 2009
I need an investor who will accept contract assignments.
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July 07 2009