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how to remove my home from Make me move?
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September 05 2013
How do I pull comps on Zillow
  • Posted by Christopher Russo
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  • September 20 2012
how do I get a zestimate?
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Latest answer by Tom Mack
May 16 2011
How do I list my apartment for sale on zillow?
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Latest answer by Michael Rivieccio, PA.
May 05 2011
how do I either change the "make me move sales price" or delete altogther
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December 13 2010
Do I need to notify someone if I have a contract on my property?
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August 16 2010
Take my listing off Zillow
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July 15 2010
is it worth lowering the price on my home if i do then potential will try and lower that price by o
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February 28 2010
Who decides what is included in a listing, such as prior sale info, tax info etc. Realtor or Owner?
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January 12 2010
How can Zillow post an estimate that is $95,000 lower than a recent appraisal?
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November 29 2009
  • Asked by jvrod
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  • November 29 2009
Mistakes on my listing