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i was wondering if the value on zillow is around what my home is worth
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July 10 2009
CNBC and WSJ question your reliablity..a I watn to know how can 2 neighboring houses
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July 09 2009
  • Posted by colkelly
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  • July 09 2009
How can you even compare homes by not even looking at the inside or appearance?
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May 24 2009
How do I determine my home value?
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April 23 2009
where do i find out what my property is worth?
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April 12 2009
  • Asked by mybobby
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  • April 06 2009
Why is a smaller older no garage house across the street from mine apparently worth $21,000 more?
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March 13 2009
  • Asked by graceelizabeth
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  • January 16 2009
why does my house say 'pending' ?
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January 02 2009
Why can't I find the prices of houses whose sales closed over 2 months ago?
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December 28 2008
What is the approximate value of my property 535 South Main St Pascoag, RI 02859
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December 24 2008