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I am planning to sell my house in the next few months. I have a real estate license but...
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August 15 2013
Selling a home... can a buyer pay with money order?
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April 28 2013
How Can We Best Provide For Seniors Who Need Special Housing?
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July 02 2012
Wholesale Properties
Staging a Home, is it necessary?
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February 06 2012
2412 18th St San Francisco
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May 20 2011
4201 Lawton Street, San Francisco
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May 19 2011
New Development Condos: Trends in Inventory, Construction & Sales (San Francisco)
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May 12 2011
When should a buyer look for a real estate agent?
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April 23 2011
Is it okay for a friend of a friend to buy my short sale?
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August 22 2010
This isn't my home!!
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February 28 2010
  • Posted by cherylgreen
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  • February 25 2010
How severe does a financial hardship have to be to be considered legitimate for a short sale?
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February 04 2010
Selling House under Rent Control
Economists see the recession ending. What do you think?
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August 16 2009
Sh!t I missed the stock market bottom in Mar'09
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June 05 2009
Holy Sh!t! - NYT REPORTER Stops paying his mortgage and writes a book
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May 23 2009
Greater Fool Theory - Greenshoots or Yellowweeds!
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May 15 2009
Nouriel Roubini thinKs - We are instead in the middle of a U
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May 01 2009
How to fix foreclosure problems?