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how do you value a parking space in a neighborhood like Lower Haight when selling?
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March 26 2010
how do you recall the properties that you have "saved" and how do you print them in a report?
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March 25 2010
  • Asked by Louis Hicks
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  • March 23 2010
How can I find a comp for 2008 ?
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March 19 2010
I need house sales figures in san francisco (zip code 94103) from september 2008 to March 2009
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March 17 2010
Is there a difference between an appraisal for refi and one for selling?
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March 06 2010
  • Asked by lmreid
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  • March 06 2010
how do i get a zestimate?
Zillow used to have a GPS type map where you could look up properties and had their values.Howto acc
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January 22 2010
How do I get comps from Sept 2008- march 2009?
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January 10 2010
how do I find the value of my home on this website?
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January 08 2010
rental agreement
Removal of property from listing
How do I change a price on a listing?
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  • October 25 2009
What is the current value of my home?
Do you have archives of sales from the recent past? I'm looking for sales from Jan to March my area
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September 16 2009
  • Asked by gganji
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  • August 03 2009