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Does a new roof add any value to a home?
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July 08
Where do I go to change the purchase price?
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June 30
Why is Zillow stacking the market against homeowners in Ft. Bend County
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June 19
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DCURD Tax Abatement Program
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June 03
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What's my neighborhood name
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May 21
How much will it cost to have an existing gas line for the dryer connected to the kitchen?
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May 20
how much equity could I borrow against?
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May 19
Local Property Taxes ,
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May 15
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  • April 26 2012
has anyone ever or currently owns a manufactured home, what are your thoughts?
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May 14
How is meritage homes quality in round rock tx
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May 06
Is it worth installing an inground pool in my backyard? Will it add value to my property?
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Delete photos
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Want to get list of homes sold in 2013 in Amarillo TX.
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April 15
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How can I remove the last sold information on my property?
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March 24
Mortgage Rates
Homes for Sale
  1. Lot 16 Pinyon, Waller, TX Home For Sale
    Lot 16 Pinyon, Waller, TX 77484

     For Sale: $58,000

    • Beds: 0
    • Sqft: --
    • Baths: --
    • Lot: 103237
  2. 8011 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM Home For Sale
    8011 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

     For Sale: $550,000

    • Beds: --
    • Sqft: 7364
    • Baths: --
    • Lot: --
  3. 1198 County Road 3291, Clarksville, AR Home For Sale
    1198 County Road 3291, Clarksville, AR 72830

     For Sale: $127,900

    • Beds: 3
    • Sqft: 1390
    • Baths: 2.0
    • Lot: 44866