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How do I put my for sale by owner on the local mls and realto.com?
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October 28 2013
why is only part of the home information downloading?
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January 27 2012
Change asking price
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December 17 2010
Homes like mine sold @ $130K in the past 6 months & mine has a new $25K kitchen. So why only $110K?
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March 25 2010
when is a good time to sell my home in titusville fl. should I rent it first ? thanks
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October 26 2009
Have the many 2007/2008 improvements been considered when placing a value on my home?
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June 27 2009
  • Asked by Katyred000
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  • June 27 2009
I want to sell my house to downsize due to my age. Everything in the world is for -sale in Titusvill
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December 17 2008
I am having trouble getting my sold homes out of zillow
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December 16 2008
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