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how do i delete photos?
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Latest answer by wetdawgs
May 20
Looking for Short-sale advice on home in ocean county NJ
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Latest answer by Gary
February 04
Can you shortsale if current on your mortgage
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Latest answer by David & Samuel Rifkin
October 25 2013
looking for a ocean front property (apartment or small home) in NJwith low budget
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Latest answer by Walter Meislohn
August 03 2013
What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-TVLNNYP?
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Latest answer by Ronald Shaffery
July 15 2013
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Latest answer by Spirit Messingham
June 30 2013
My landlord did not pay tree company that was doing work after Huuricane Sandy and the Nor'Easter
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Latest answer by fb462827053
November 18 2012
How can find out who bought the house we really like. "I have hope is an inverstor."
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Latest answer by Gerard Mattera
December 04 2012
why does my home value keep going down while my neighbors are going up or at least staying the same?
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Latest answer by joe sangiovanni
August 28 2012
i need to delete my listing
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Latest answer by Neil R
May 21 2012
how delete the add
how long does it take for FHA to assign a case number?
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Latest answer by hewittmoten
June 20 2012
  • Asked by user737165
  • In Refinance
  • April 16 2012
95% LTV Refinance Question
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Latest answer by Clay Branch
March 25 2012
  • Asked by user102886
  • In Refinance
  • March 24 2012
how do you find house sales amount
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Latest answer by Pamela Smith
March 01 2012
FIco score 518
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Latest answer by lilmissthing
January 20 2012
Zillow has placed the home I am selling in the wrong location on the map. How do I change this?
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Latest answer by jlddance
November 09 2011
how do I change the price of my house on zillow..
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Latest answer by Cheryl Talbot Real Estate
September 28 2011
what to do to list a property
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Latest answer by rockinblu
June 16 2011
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Latest answer by Suzanne DeTurris
May 29 2011
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  1. 1371 Bridport Dr, Toms River, NJ Home For Sale
    1371 Bridport Dr, Toms River, NJ 08755

     For Sale: $799,000

    • Beds: 5
    • Sqft: --
    • Baths: 5.0
    • Lot: 34848
  2. 278B Kingston Ct, Lakewood, NJ Home For Sale
    278B Kingston Ct, Lakewood, NJ 08701

     For Sale: $53,000

    • Beds: 2
    • Sqft: 982
    • Baths: 1.0
    • Lot: --
  3. 245B Jefferson Ct, Lakewood, NJ Home For Sale
    245B Jefferson Ct, Lakewood, NJ 08701

     For Sale: $55,000

    • Beds: 1
    • Sqft: 862
    • Baths: 1.0
    • Lot: --