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First time home owner
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Latest answer by Susan Colby
3 hours ago
  • Asked by catherineveer
  • In Investing
  • 4 hours ago
Investment advise in Plano/Allen areas? Owner financing vs Renting?
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Latest answer by Kenneth "Kenny" Bebensee
10 hours ago
  • Asked by ThyNameAllenPlano
  • In Investing
  • 1 day ago
investing in single property vs multi family property
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Latest answer by Rob Hale
1 day ago
  • Asked by user4846079
  • In Investing
  • October 08 2012
Are there any hard-money lenders in Charlotte NC that dont base the loan on credit scores?
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Latest answer by jackalope01
2 days ago
Investment - Buying a property and rent it out
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Latest answer by Arpad Racz
3 days ago
What are the typical management fees involved in rental properties?
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Latest answer by user59052713
3 days ago
  • Asked by Investmentseeker
  • In Investing
  • April 14
Engineered wood vs Laminate
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Latest answer by Mack McCoy
4 days ago
House Flipping in Southern California
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Latest reply by Adrian Chu
4 days ago
  • Posted by Nick Benavides
  • In Investing
  • August 25 2010
What is the best way to find a fix and flip homes?
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Latest answer by Adrian Chu
4 days ago
Best places to buy long term rental property in Florida, preferably on the coast.
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Latest answer by user7574668
4 days ago
  • Asked by spimenta
  • In Investing
  • September 23 2012
How do I write a review for an agent?
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Latest answer by zuser20140331141715828
5 days ago
  • Asked by wwproperty
  • In Investing
  • January 17 2012
any real good investment properties in ocean or Monmouth county n.j.?
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Latest answer by syc613
6 days ago
Interested in buying below 50% of current market value?
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Latest answer by K Bond
April 17
Looking into investing in a du/triplex with not much credit established. Can father cosign?
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Latest answer by Dave Skow
April 16
Northowood Hills neighborhood in West Palm Beach (zip 33407) investment potential?
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Latest answer by Craig Fialkowski
April 16
I am looking to buy a home in Phoenix area to rent out, NOT rehab and flip.
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Latest answer by Chris Mincolla
April 16
Buying first investment property
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Latest answer by Bruce Lynn
April 16
  • Asked by zuser20140415111136552
  • In Investing
  • April 15
Pond next a house
Uk resident seeking buy to let investment/holiday home
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Latest answer by Todd Kroupa
April 15
Can I negotiate a short sale with the lenders before they formally start the short sale process?
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Latest answer by Tesa Noonan
April 14