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Bankruptcy Chapter 7 discharged April 2014
Need third party opinion on buying property
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1 hour 56 minutes ago
Do real Rent-to-owns exist?
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7 hours ago
  • Asked by zuser20140421132213987
  • In Rent vs Buy
  • 8 hours ago
How likely to get a loan for a mobile home (on property) - also is owner carry of contract viable?
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12 hours ago
Can I buy with bad credit?
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2 days ago
Do you have rent to own homes available?
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4 days ago
Rent to own properties.
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5 days ago
I am looking at my options of renting vs buying
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6 days ago
Is it better to buy or rent in Oklahoma?
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April 17
Rent or Buy Townhouse in Austin
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April 17
Rent to own homes
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April 17
A Rent vs. Buy Question for someone that will be new to the area
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April 15
How to go about my next step
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April 15
Is summer of 2014 a good time to buy a home in the Dublin/Pleasanton/San Ramon area?
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April 14
How much can be expected to pay monthly for costs
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April 14
Rent or own the land
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April 12
Do owners look at other factors that credit when renting a short sale house?
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April 12
Rent to own
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April 11
(Moved): Is this a bad deal?
How do I find a rent to own home that is zero down?
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April 09
Mortgage Rates