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Why has no one considered a class action suit against Zillow
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Latest reply by Robin Jones
7 hours ago
So you're thinking of moving? You may want to watch this first.
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Latest answer by sunnyview
7 hours ago
Zillow has advertised our house sold, NOT!
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Latest answer by Matt Laricy
15 hours ago
Why My Home is Not Selling
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Latest answer by wetdawgs
1 day ago
what is a market analysis
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Latest answer by Hank Miller
1 day ago
How to estimate current value of my home
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Latest answer by Derek Jones
3 days ago
My listing says "Undisclosed address" ??
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Latest answer by Christian Viollaz
5 days ago
Why isn't anyone even looking at our house?
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Latest answer by Hannah Tai
6 days ago
(Moved): Open house
Home is undervalued
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Latest answer by Seth McCauley
6 days ago
Why so screwed up on zestimate
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Latest answer by Pasadenan
July 23
how does a house that has been treated for radon affect home resale value?
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Latest answer by Victor & Linda Dillon
July 20
how to be a expert on selling houses
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Latest answer by Sam Shueh
July 18
I'm searching a property I own but it won't show up
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Latest answer by Jose Smith Jr
July 18
how can I find out how much my home is worth?
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Latest answer by Wen Farina
July 18
What do you do when in fact the zestimate is wrong ?
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Latest answer by Vikki Iverson
July 17
What changed? I no longer see a Zestimate for all the homes in my neighborhood
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Latest answer by Faith Harmer
July 17
I have been listed for 59 days with not ONE potential owner, just realtors wanting another job,
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July 17
Mortgage Rates