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Zestimate wrong?
Profile picture for Danielle Nicholl
Latest answer by Danielle Nicholl
19 hours ago
Why is my home price dropping in value and my neighbors house is going up in value?
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Latest answer by Melissa Hathorn
2 days ago
Where does Ada stand in regards to home resale values? ? Brett
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Latest answer by bsteen114
2 days ago
Your "Zestimates" are not accurate!
Profile picture for blue screen died
Latest answer by blue screen died
3 days ago
I was ofered a job in Syracuse, but it sounds VERY dangerous there. Thoughts?
Profile picture for wetdawgs
Latest answer by wetdawgs
3 days ago
Current condition of Annapolis waterfont real estate market?
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Latest answer by Tantzi Habsburg
4 days ago
how is your market condition?
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Latest answer by Jeff and Sharon Kofahl
5 days ago
What is the average cost per acre in St Louis County, mn
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Latest answer by Zachary Neumann
6 days ago
How do I find the markets that have a lot of buyer action?
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Latest answer by Tim Moore
September 24
Is Sat or Sun the best time for OPEN HOUSE?
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Latest answer by Tresa Flake
September 23
How do we hold these appraisers financially accountable for their actions?
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Latest answer by wetdawgs
September 23
How can I find comparable sale prices of homes in my neighborhood?
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Latest answer by Martha Dorfler
September 21
Any idea what a covered parking space a block from the Ballston metro would sell fo
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Latest answer by Neeraj Jassal
September 16
Are houses in Juneau selling above the appraisal price?
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Latest answer by Mara T Jennings
September 12
Why did you drop the value of my house by 5%, and it appears the rest of the neighborhood.
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Latest answer by Andrea Pignotti
September 08
Is a pool a advantage or liability for a home in drought times?
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Latest answer by Sam Shueh
September 05
how can my house go down 90,000 in one week? Is that the market working. I think not....
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Latest answer by rudygallus
September 03
Where should I start to learn about the vacation rental investment potental in Folly Beach, SC?
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Latest answer by Lee Taylor
September 01
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