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Advice needed. Post Short Sale by 3+ yrs. will HELOC go through post Aug. 16 changes?
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Latest answer by Caroline Gerardo Barbeau
10 hours ago
How to take out a first mortgage (or home equity loan?)
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Latest answer by Mac Tennant
1 day ago
Refinance and roll equity or move-in to avoid capital gains
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Latest answer by Dan6789
2 days ago
Investment property Equity Loan, Move-in or Down pay?
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Latest answer by Mark Wilkins
2 days ago
Tapping into Home Equity after Short Sale
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Latest answer by Robert Harris
6 days ago
HELOC for Investment property with High DTI
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Latest answer by Dave Skow
August 22
Can I tap into equity in my house? started new business so can not show 2 yrs of income from same em
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Latest answer by Jeff Coon
August 22
Borrowing against rental property
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Latest answer by Sep Niakan
August 17
bad credit looking for a home equity loan
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Latest answer by bmckinzie
August 14
do you need good credit to get a morgage if the house is paid for?
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Latest answer by Teri Reed
August 11
Home Equity Loan
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Latest answer by Joshua Lerette
August 11
I own a home free and clear, need a small loan about $5000.00
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Latest answer by user221527
August 10
Chase offer to reduce principal on HELOC by 50% and interest rate to 1 percent
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Latest answer by tillmangirl726
August 05
Getting a mortgage on a property that is fully paid off
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Latest answer by Carter Pierre-Louis
July 30
Can I pay off my home equity line of credit with the procedes of selling my home?
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Latest answer by Keith Strausburg Nmls #: 38383
July 29
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