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Rates on the move again!
Latest answer by Clay Branch
28 minutes ago
i need a loan for less than 50000 dollars. where is the best place to apply for one?
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Latest answer by gator70
3 days ago
Investment property mortgage rates
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Latest answer by Hamp Yonce
4 days ago
Is the 10 year bond yield the best indicator of mortage rates,or is there abetter indicator
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Latest answer by blue screen died
4 days ago
Understanding Rates + Lender Credits/Points
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Latest answer by Justin Sheftell
5 days ago
Credit score not good. Could we have a cosigner and get in a Home instead of a Mobile Home in Taylor
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Latest answer by Jared Thom
6 days ago
Can I get a lower interest rate?
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Latest answer by coolshfan
September 22
Mortgage with 608 credit score
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Latest answer by David Stallings
September 21
Family with $300K household income needs mortgage for $1.2M @ 6% downpayment in California
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Latest answer by Elva Wormley
September 15
How do you get a no doc mortgage?
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Latest answer by rental777
September 14
Too late to switch lenders?
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Latest answer by Maryann Salt
September 14
what is the going credit score rate to obtain a mortage
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Latest answer by Eric Nelson III
September 11
Down-payment 5%(invest the rest) or 20%(cash out investments)
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Latest answer by Don Deibler
September 10
100% financing with 6.125% is this good rate?
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Latest answer by Don Deibler
September 10
How much will an appraisal cost?
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Latest answer by sunnyview
September 06
As a Buyer using Financing are you frustrated with getting beat out by Cash Buyers?
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Latest answer by Hannah Tai
August 31
Jumbo w/ 5% down St. Louis
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Latest answer by Bryan Horn
August 31
Is there any website to get quotes for 80/10/10 loans?
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Latest answer by Robert Spinosa
August 29
Does anyone know a who else does construction loans other than US Bank?
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Latest answer by Matthew Brozek
August 22
apply for mortgage: credit union vs bank
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Latest answer by Shawesome
August 18
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